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Triathlon Review: Reynolds Strike SLG Tubeless Wheels

Today I wanted to take a little break from everything running and drop back into triathlon a bit. A lot of folks asked after our triathlon feature, what gear was really the most important and can help make you stronger, faster, and more effective as a triathlete. First off, let me say there is no magic pill and all that is required is a bike, your legs, the ability to swim, and a little tenacity but if you already have a decent bike, then the single best upgrade you can make is to your wheelset. In this review, I wanted to offer an analysis of the Reynolds Strike SLG which in my opinion is one of the best mid-level aero carbon tubeless wheelsets on the market.
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Altra Instinct 35 And Provision 25 - Featured

Shoe First Look: Altra Instinct 3.5 and Provision 2.5

We got a chance to take a look at two of the recently updated models from the Altra road lineup with the Instinct 3.5 and Provision 2.5. The Instinct is the classic neutral runner while the Provision is designed for those with a little needed stability. Both have seen cosmetic updates as well as some retooling today and really enjoying the somewhat sleeker new look and design. In this article we take a first look at both side by side.
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Monster ISport Superslim Wireless Headphones - Featured

Tech Review: Monster iSport SuperSlim Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

I think my new fascination might be with headphones and in particular, wireless headphones. I’ve had too many mishaps with wires while running on the road and trail or even on my bike, all ending in disastrous results. In this edition, I got a chance to take a look at the iSport SuperSlim Bluetooth headphones from Monster, a company that was previously more known for its cables, but who has since moved into the larger audio game and has been turning out some pretty solid products. To get a closer look, I tested these out on the road, trail, bike, and even in the gym.
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Shoe Review: Hoka One One Speedgoat

Well the long-awaited review for the Hoka One One Speedgoat is finally here. A lot of folks have requested this simply because the Speedgoat have a whole new look thats is new to Hoka’s lineup and it’s something a little more aggressive and honestly people are just curious how well it’s performing. With this review, we also want to change the way we handle our reviews a bit and while we casually did this before, we are really going to enforce it now. We are going to address the construction of the shoe from an outsole, midsole, and sole/lug perspective, we will then talk a little about aesthetics of the shoe and colorway availability, and finally we will talk about the performance of the shoe in run. We will touch on aspects like durability though the other sections. This should make the shoe reviews a little easier to read and digest and allow us to get a little deeper with aspect.
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Brooks Seattle - Featured

Apparel Review: Brooks Seattle Shell and Tights

In our ongoing hunt for running apparel for winter, I wanted to talk about Brooks and their Seattle line. When I first got a look at it and even when I saw the name I thought immediately, someone has finally built apparel specifically for road running in the Pacific Northwest. Turns out I was right and the Seattle Shell and Tights are really about staying dry and keeping you warm in our crazy northwest weather.
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Bose SoundSport - Featured

Tech Review: Bose SoundSport Wired In-Ear Headphones

The Bose name is synonymous with high quality sound and I think its fair to say that many of us having been waiting for quite a while for a sport version from them. Thankfully, the SoundSport In-Ear have arrived and they are a great first step into the sport market, but we wanted to get a little deeper with this review. We wanted to judge them not only on whether the sound produced lives up to the Bose name, but also how well they perform in action.
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Shoe Review: Brooks Ghost 8 GTX

In this review, we turn our attention to one of the long-standing leaders in running, Brooks. In our effort to continually run in our ever challenging Pacific Northwest weather, we are reviewing the new Brooks Ghost 8 GTX. The goal, as it is with any all weather shoe, is to let you run as you would normally, but to keep the weather out. And when someone makes a claim that, then we are definitely going to put it through its paces.
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