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Altra Lone Peak 3 Featured

Shoe Review: Altra Lone Peak 3.0

I am super excited to be giving you guys a first look today at the new Lone Peak 3 from Altra. The Lone Peak is consistently Altra’s top selling trail shoe and is also one of the top 5 trail shoes in the US. For 2016, the shoe gets a massive update both visually and functionally. The shoe has all the same great features as most other Altra trail shoes including the Foot Shape toe box for maximum toe splay, the Stone Guard which is between the mid and outer giving you extra protection, integrated Gaitor Trap, and as always with Altra it’s Zero Drop.
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Compressport Featured

Apparel Review: Compressport Running

We were super excited to get a chance to check out some of the latest offerings from Compressport given it’s a new name to most in the US market, but they have some extremely deep roots in Europe and is a favorite among elite trail and distance runners. We are starting to see the brand pic wk up pace domestically and in most major races, you’ll find multiple runners in the top 50 sporting Compressport sleeves and other apparel. It’s a little different look and experience for most runners who have been taught to love the 2 to 3 inch shorts, tank tops, and the general less is more running style and instead harkens more to this space where aerodynamics and compression serve to enhance performance. We took some of their latest offerings for a run and wanted to share our thoughts.
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Zoot Solana 2 Featured

Shoe Review: Zoot Solana 2

About a year back, I remember running in the first Zoot Solana, which also happens to be the first Zoot shoe I have ever tried. I was training for a triathlon and experimenting with a lot of different shoe combinations, but even in the original review we did you’ll see that we found something very compelling from a company not always known for running shoes. The new version is out and we were curious, so we put it through its paces again.
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Hoka One One Clayton Featured

Shoe Review: Hoka One One Clayton

Today we wanted to chat about the Hoka One One Clayton, a shoe everyone has been curious about. This super light neutral road shoe came out late Spring and represents a very distinct design change for the company. Most Hoka fans will probably structurally see the shoe as a mix of the Huaka and the Clifton, just with updated graphics, but the similarities really end there. It looks like Hoka isn’t content to just sit back and rest on what they’ve built which is really good for runners.
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Brooks Launch 3 Featured

Shoe Review: Brooks Launch 3

I was pretty excited to check out the Brooks Launch 3, I was a huge fan of the Transcend and loved the idea of a lighter, sleeker shoe with tons of color options. What I found is a really solid shoe designed for recreational runners that gives you a ton of flexibility regardless of your run style. Turns out its definitely not a super light speedwork shoe which is okay and honestly, the styling speaks louder than the features because they give you so many choices.
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Saucony Ride 9 Featured

Shoe Review: Saucony Ride 9

I have run in all sorts of Saucony shoes now and more than anything, it’s clear that they offer a consistently diverse lineup that suit runners of all types. The Ride 9 is really a Saucony that is designed for the recreational runner, not a racer, and is meant to be supportive, comfortable, and durable. This really means it is non-aggressive, well proportioned, and not overly designed. Truly, it’s one of those shoes that hits dead on in that everyday consumer sweet spot.
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