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Daily Archives: January 30, 2015

The Joys of the Nighttime Runner

There is this window of time that exists between when the rest of the world has either shut themselves down or when they are still under the sandman’s watchful eye. In most parts of the world, the sun has set and the streets have quieted down, it is dark and the only illumination is probably the closest street light. Its nighttime for the rest of the world, but for some of us… its time to run.
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Review: Saucony Triumph ISO

If you are a fan of Saucony’s traditional shoe construction, then you are either going to love the new ISO or feel like you have been betrayed. I am going to opt for the former, but with some caveats. The ISO is the plushest shoe Saucony has ever made with over 20% more cushioning than any other shoe they have ever built. That is a pretty big jump, but the area they have done a really good job with is keeping their traditional running aesthetics, feel, and fit.
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Review: HOKA ONE ONE Huaka

I’ll kick off this review by saying the Hoka Huaka’s were the first shoe I ever really wanted to try. You go to any organized run and you see them around and at first you probably made fun of them, but then you got curious. Then you saw big name athletes wearing them and then more and more trail runners and all you could think was, what am I missing? I mean they just look like they are over cushioned pillows that are better as lifts than running shoes, right? If you thought this, then you’d be totally and entirely wrong…
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