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Daily Archives: August 7, 2015

Salomon S-Lab X-Series

Shoe Review: Salomon S-LAB X-SERIES

First off I’ll kick this off by saying I’ve run in various pairs of Salomon trail shoes throughout the years so I’m pretty familiar with their features and design. Their quality has always been very high and their customer support and warrantee replacement program has always been top notch. So when the new S-Lab X-Series came across my desk and I was pretty pumped to see all that trail experienced packed into a road shoe. This shoe makes it clear they are prepared to make a real play in the road market and when they decided to base it off the Sense trail runner, they gave themselves a really good starting point.
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Tech Review: Turbine

In this round, we are taking a look at the Turbine from Rhinomed, which is designed to increase the airflow level in all athletes, from recreational up through professional. When this little gadget showed up on our gear review desk, everyone wanted to try it and many were dubious. I got the nod to take it for a spin because as far back as I can remember I’ve had some level of difficulty breathing through my nose. I’ve had pollen allergies/hay fever for the last 20+ years that I take a bunch of junk for with somewhat limited response. I’m a mouth breather when I sleep due to a medically diagnosed mid-grade deviated septum. It doesn’t stop me from going for it, but any additional airflow I can create in my nasal passage is a plus. Thus my experience with a little piece of medically designed yellow polymer begins.
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