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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Altra Olympus TIMP 1

Trail Running Shoe Face Off – Altra TIMP 1.0 vs Altra Olympus 2.5

Its time for another brand face off, this time we pit the all new Altra TIMP 1.0 vs the tried and true Olympus and the new 2.5 model. Both are max cushioned trail runners and come in at very similar weight levels, so our hope is to break down the differences and figure out which to wear in which scenario. The TIMP is an all new shoe for Altra, so this is also a bit of an introduction to the new platform as well.
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Altra LonePeak 35 5

Shoe Review: Altra Lone Peak 3.5

The Lone Peak has always been my staple trail shoe when it comes to Altra. You’ve got the Superior which has a little less cushion, more ground feel, and typically works better for a little more speed. The Olympus on the other hand is all about stack height, so a ton of cushion, designed for distance, and a slow roll. The Lone Peak hits the sweet spot where you get a decent amount of cushion, but the shoe is still light enough to give you decent pacing and turnover. In terms of the 3.5, this is really just a tweak to the 3.0 meaning its not a major redesign, but still has some minor adjustments.
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