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Race Recap: Portland Shamrock Run 2016

The Shamrock Run is the second largest running event on the West Coast and for those that haven’t done it before, it’s really more of a run about having a good time and most folks make it one of their for first race events. You get a lot of folks are dressed up and really it’s about being part of the event and enjoying the music, drinks, food, and people. That being said, you would be remiss if let all this fun disguise what are two of the more challenging road races we have in the Northwest, the 15k and half marathon distances. I missed last year’s inaugural half due to an injury, but this year I would not be swayed, so here is the recap from Shamrock 2016.
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Race Recap: Portland Holiday Half Marathon 2015

This year’s Portland Holiday Half was not something I was first planning on attending as most of our team was engaged in holiday travel or planning, but a last-minute cancellation from a friend lead to an extra bib and me getting the call. I had never participated in this event before and had always been really curious, so I was definitely looking forward to it. The Holiday Half is usually full of costumes and characters as well as some decent running on a relatively easy course. The highlight of this year’s event was Galen Rupp’s participation in what would be his first real test at the half and then full marathon distances in anticipation of the Olympics. I was eager to see him in action and be able to say that I stood at the starting line… somewhere near him.
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Race Preview: Shamrock Run 2015

We are almost into March so that means only a few short weeks left until the Shamrock Run Portland 2015 begins. The event turns 37 years old this year and it is the largest running event in Oregon and the second largest on the west coast with over 35,000 participants. To sum up the experience, its like a giant party where you make a ton of new friends, run a pretty challenging race, and then you continue the party well into the afternoon and beyond. Note, sign-ups are still available for every distance except the half. The date is March 15, 2015 so get on it!
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