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Triathlon Diary 1

Diary Entry: The First Few Weeks as a Future Triathlete

I’ll start off by saying the first weeks of training have been a wake up call. For those that have trained for longer distances or faster PRs it’s not quite like that, it’s more like when you’re a kid and your Dad throws you in the pool to teach you to swim. In this case, there is a more literal interpretation but what I have learned more than anything is that your weaknesses bubble up quickly.
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First Triathlon

The Road to Your First Triathlon

The idea of your first triathlon can be a bit daunting. Even now, as the token guinea pig for this project, I definitely have some reservations. I mean, I consider myself an average runner, an okay cyclist, and it’s not like I can’t swim. I’s just the thought of putting them all together that’s a bit daunting and this is the case for most people. That being said, before we get into the details about this feature let’s talk about how this all began.
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The Joys of the Nighttime Runner

There is this window of time that exists between when the rest of the world has either shut themselves down or when they are still under the sandman’s watchful eye. In most parts of the world, the sun has set and the streets have quieted down, it is dark and the only illumination is probably the closest street light. Its nighttime for the rest of the world, but for some of us… its time to run.
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Getting Out on the Trails to Make You Stronger

There is a whole new move lately where more and more road runners are hitting the trails. The reason for this is simple, trail running offers a new challenge both physically and mentally he and that can lead to better performance on the road. When you’re looking to train for distance for example, sometimes the answer is elevation. Sometimes it’s difficult to find dramatic levels of elevation on the road, so we look to the hills. Running hills can increase lung performance as well as leg strength and of course have a direct impact on cardio and heart rate control and there is no better place to find hills than off-road.
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