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Review: Brooks Cascadia 10

I love this quote from the Brooks marketing material because it really nails how I felt about the shoes, “Born and raised to run the trail, the Cascadia 10 loves to get down and dirty.” Its so much hype speak, but it really nails it yet it also touches on one of my sticking points. On most trails, these things just crush it and the why is really the most interesting part, they are elegant in their simplicity.
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Review: Brooks Transcend 2

I am honestly not sure where to begin with the Transcend 2. On paper its just an update to the Transcend which did pretty well, but I’ll admit I didn’t love the look of the originals so I wasn’t sure what I was in for testing out the new iteration. Boy was I in for a pleasant surprise, these things knocked my socks off and while they may not be for everyone as I’ll mention more below, they definitely will find a spot in my arsenal.

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Review: Brooks LSD Lite Jacket IV

The Brooks LSD Lite Jacket IV was really one of the nicest pieces I have worn while running in quite a while. Now that may sound like high-praise, but as an ultra lightweight water and wind-resistant jacket you would be hard pressed to find a better performer. Did I mention that it’s got several color options including high-viz and a stowable hood as well? Nice.
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