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Picky Bars Assortment

Food & Drink Review: Picky Bars

In the ever-growing world of training nutrition, one would think that the last thing we need is another bar. To those naysayers I would offer up Picky Bars, something closer to real food and less like the over processed bars with ingredients you can’t pronounce. Then imagine they are all naturally gluten-free, they include vegan options, and they can be used before, during, or after your workout. They really might be on to something here, so let’s see what our review team thought.
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Food & Drink Review: Oatmega Protein Bars

The world of protein bars is saturated with a million different entries from snack and candy giants to local upstarts who are trying to improve on the recipe. What drew us to Oatmega, more than the taste (which we will get into a bit more), was the message. It’s rare to see new businesses just as passionate about giving back as they are about selling a product and it shows in the care they have taken on both sides.
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