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Hoka One One Challenger ATR

Show Review: HOKA ONE ONE Challenger ATR

We have talked HOKAs before when we took a look at the Huaka a while back, but I have honestly never been so excited as I was to try their newest offering, the Challenger ATRs. Listed as a trail shoe and even sold that way in stores, I would honestly call these bad boys a hybrid, the best of both worlds. An all-terrain behemoth that destroys road and trail alike. It took everything we loved in the Huaka and stepped it up a notch, feeling more aggressive and also more plush, making it one of the smoothest riding HOKAs yet.
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Review: HOKA ONE ONE Huaka

I’ll kick off this review by saying the Hoka Huaka’s were the first shoe I ever really wanted to try. You go to any organized run and you see them around and at first you probably made fun of them, but then you got curious. Then you saw big name athletes wearing them and then more and more trail runners and all you could think was, what am I missing? I mean they just look like they are over cushioned pillows that are better as lifts than running shoes, right? If you thought this, then you’d be totally and entirely wrong…
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