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Review: Altra Paradigm

Its hard to know exactly where to begin with the Paradigm or any Altra shoe for that matter. The first thing to say is that they are different and by that I mean totally and entirely different than any other shoe you may have stepped in. Judging whether that is good or bad is really about personal preference, but I’m going to lead off by saying to give it a chance. It may just change the way you run.
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Review: New Balance Ultra Hooded Jacket

New Balances’s new Ultra Hooded Jacket is really designed to stand up to the weather and this means all types. Whether it is rain, wind, sleet, or even snow the Ultra really stood its ground for me. Material-wise, its 100% anti-snag nylon and this cuts wind really well and deals with rain pretty effortlessly. This makes it a great option for trail or road and honestly, it looks good enough to wear with jeans.
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Getting Out on the Trails to Make You Stronger

There is a whole new move lately where more and more road runners are hitting the trails. The reason for this is simple, trail running offers a new challenge both physically and mentally he and that can lead to better performance on the road. When you’re looking to train for distance for example, sometimes the answer is elevation. Sometimes it’s difficult to find dramatic levels of elevation on the road, so we look to the hills. Running hills can increase lung performance as well as leg strength and of course have a direct impact on cardio and heart rate control and there is no better place to find hills than off-road.
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Review: Saucony Drylete XPT Pant

If tights just aren’t your thing in the winter and you want something thats a good cross between a pant and a tight, then take a look at the Saucony Drylete XPT Pant. These things are designed for maximum warmth and breathability, but not at the expense of movability and flexibility. So they aren’t big and baggy or really flowy when you run, instead they hold tight allowing for maximum performance.
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Review: New Balance Ultra 6 Inch Short

The Ultra 6 inch short is a great warm weather short or for those that like a more traditional mid to short leg running short. We really loved the topo design, it lended itself really well to both road and trail running. The short comes in two colors a black on black and then a grey with neon green trim and both are solid looking. The fabric is also anti-snag which is a big plus for trail runners.
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