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Shoe Review: Saucony Xodus 5.0 GTX

Monsters. That one word sums up our view of the Saucony Xodus 5.0 GTX. They are rugged, waterproof, and they have traction… boy, do they have traction. These bad boys will find a home on most trails and they have been designed to suit every complaint every trail runner ever had. In fact, it’s like they were modeled with the Pacific Northwest winter and spring seasons in mind.
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Review: Saucony Triumph ISO

If you are a fan of Saucony’s traditional shoe construction, then you are either going to love the new ISO or feel like you have been betrayed. I am going to opt for the former, but with some caveats. The ISO is the plushest shoe Saucony has ever made with over 20% more cushioning than any other shoe they have ever built. That is a pretty big jump, but the area they have done a really good job with is keeping their traditional running aesthetics, feel, and fit.
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Review: Saucony Drylete XPT Pant

If tights just aren’t your thing in the winter and you want something thats a good cross between a pant and a tight, then take a look at the Saucony Drylete XPT Pant. These things are designed for maximum warmth and breathability, but not at the expense of movability and flexibility. So they aren’t big and baggy or really flowy when you run, instead they hold tight allowing for maximum performance.
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