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Shoe Review: Hoka One One Speedgoat

Well the long-awaited review for the Hoka One One Speedgoat is finally here. A lot of folks have requested this simply because the Speedgoat have a whole new look thats is new to Hoka’s lineup and it’s something a little more aggressive and honestly people are just curious how well it’s performing. With this review, we also want to change the way we handle our reviews a bit and while we casually did this before, we are really going to enforce it now. We are going to address the construction of the shoe from an outsole, midsole, and sole/lug perspective, we will then talk a little about aesthetics of the shoe and colorway availability, and finally we will talk about the performance of the shoe in run. We will touch on aspects like durability though the other sections. This should make the shoe reviews a little easier to read and digest and allow us to get a little deeper with aspect.
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Altra Impulse - Featured

Shoe Review: Altra Impulse

We looked at a number of shoes from Altra over the last year and most of these tended to the maximum cushioning side. Going into this new year we started taking a look at the rest of the lineup to see what the difference might be. To kick it off, we took a look at the Altra Impulse which is also the new base for the upcoming AltraIQ connected shoe as well.
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Altra Lone Peak NeoShell - Featured

Shoe Review: Altra Lone Peak NeoShell

Well, it is that time of the year again. The weather has turned and the rain has arrived, and if you’re like me, then you’re looking for shoes to keep the water out and let you run more often. Thankfully, the folks at Altra have released the latest version of their Lone Peak model made especially for this time of year, it’s the NeoShell. We got a chance to put them through the ringer, almost literally.
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Hoka One One Clifton 2 Featured

Shoe Review: HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 2

Hokas have definitely become a favorite around the office with several of the team and when the chance to test out the new Clifton 2s arose, I jumped at the chance. I was a huge fan of the Challenger ATRs as you will note in our prior review, so I also seemed like the best candidate. For those of you that followed our triathlon feature, you will notice that the Clifton 2s also became the running shoe of choice for that final leg, so that’s probably a good indication of how this review is going to go.
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New Balance Leadville 1210v2 - Featured

Shoe Review: New Balance Leadville 1210v2

We got our chance to take look at the New Balance Leadville and immediately could tell it was a shoe designed for distance. It’s the namesake for one of the biggest ultra races in the country the Leadville 100 (now sponsored by New Balance), made famous in Born to Run, but we were skeptical as to whether he could live up to the expectations. To test it out, we put it through the ringer and ran it on some trails and saw how well it performs and wanted to report back.
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Skora Tempo - Featured

Shoe Review: Skora Tempo

I recently had the good fortune of interviewing David Sypniewski from Skora and we had a chance to talk about the unique way Skora builds and design shoes and the thought process that goes into it. And following that up, we had a chance to take a hands-on look at the Skora Tempo and see what all the fuss is about. It’s definitely a movement back to minimalism and really showcases a company that favors high quality materials over high levels of cushioning.
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Topo Athletic Runduro Review

Shoe Review: Topo Athletic Runduro

At first glance, the Topo Athletic Runduro is definitely a head turner. The no lace BOA enclosure system will definitely raise a few eyebrows and you will inevitably field a few questions about it, but the real question is how does it run? The answer is that the Runduro can tackle most of what you can throw at it, especially at distance, and the lack of laces well… its kind of a non-issue.
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