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New Balance Fresh Foam Zante

Shoe Review: New Balance Fresh Foam Zante

New Balance has always been a big player in the running game. You know, one of those companies that people stay loyal to forever even if the shoes didn’t always look the best. That being said, they have definitely turned a corner this past year on the styling front to convert those non-believers and our die-hard testers were curious to find out if just like the Boracay we tested, the Zante stayed true to its roots. Turns out it does and then some…
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Shoe Review: Zoot Solana ACR

Our team wasn’t sure what to expect when we started trying out the Zoot Solana ACRs, but we were eager to take them for a spin. Zoot is well-known in the world of triathletes, but tends to shy away from the straight running market. However, after putting these through their paces, I can tell you the Solanas can hang withe the best the running world has to offer. While they may look innocent enough, they pack a lot of tech in a super light package.
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An Interview with David Sypniewski of SKORA

We had a chance to sit down with David Sypniewski, Founder and CEO of SKORA. If you look at the running shoe landscape, then you will be hard pressed to find a company so committed to their message and to delivering on it. SKORA was born to try to solve a problem and to try to rethink the fundamental way we run. They were innovating in the area of barefoot running before anyone else and they have stayed true to it, but no one can talk to it better than David.
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Shoe Review: Saucony Xodus 5.0 GTX

Monsters. That one word sums up our view of the Saucony Xodus 5.0 GTX. They are rugged, waterproof, and they have traction… boy, do they have traction. These bad boys will find a home on most trails and they have been designed to suit every complaint every trail runner ever had. In fact, it’s like they were modeled with the Pacific Northwest winter and spring seasons in mind.
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Review: Brooks Cascadia 10

I love this quote from the Brooks marketing material because it really nails how I felt about the shoes, “Born and raised to run the trail, the Cascadia 10 loves to get down and dirty.” Its so much hype speak, but it really nails it yet it also touches on one of my sticking points. On most trails, these things just crush it and the why is really the most interesting part, they are elegant in their simplicity.
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Review: Altra Lone Peak 2

The Lone Peak 2.0 is really designed to be the trail shoe no one knew they needed. It feels like it was developed by folks that run trails every single day so it has all these insanely well thought out little features both aesthetically and functionally that make it stand out from the crowd. Plus, its an Altra so if you are already of a fan of Zero Drop and their wider toe boxes then definitely give these a try.
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Review: Brooks Transcend 2

I am honestly not sure where to begin with the Transcend 2. On paper its just an update to the Transcend which did pretty well, but I’ll admit I didn’t love the look of the originals so I wasn’t sure what I was in for testing out the new iteration. Boy was I in for a pleasant surprise, these things knocked my socks off and while they may not be for everyone as I’ll mention more below, they definitely will find a spot in my arsenal.

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