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Jabra X2 Bluetooth Headphones - Featured

Tech Review: Jaybird X2 Bluetooth Headphones

I have long struggled with bluetooth headphones and when the chance to review the new Jaybird X2s came up, I jumped at the chance. If you’re like me, then you probably have a pair of wired headphones that you keep set aside for running. At some point, more often than not, they end up in a tangled mess that you spend the first five minutes before your run untangling. They also tend to never be just right for working out. You probably tried over loops, in-ear, earbuds, and maybe even full-blown over-the-ear models. Given Jaybird’s history and the look of the X2s, I came in very hopeful that this would be the solution I have been looking for. I was not mistaken.
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Wahoo Kickr - Featured

Tech Review: Wahoo Kickr Trainer

One of the greatest pieces of equipment ever to find its way into my cycling and athletic arsenal is my Wahoo Kickr. I say this as someone who has been riding it for a few years now and have been using it well before I was ever involved with this site, so I speak from a place of confidence. If you are looking for a top notch home trainer that simulates real-world conditions, then you’d be hard-pressed to look anywhere else. This may sound like a huge endorsement, but let me take you through my experience and the benefits.
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Recon Jet Review - Featured

Tech Review: Recon Jet Smart Eyewear

Wearable technology has always felt slightly out of reach for the performance athletic world and sure many companies have tried, but for the most part what we have been left with are trendier GPS watches, fitness trackers, and heart rate monitors. So when Recon Instruments released their Recon Jet smart eyewear, we wrote a quick preview about their potential to disrupt a relatively untapped area of the market, specifically eyewear. Recently, we got our hands on a pair and spent a few solid weeks with them and quite enjoyed the experience of trying out the new tech. We aren’t sure its ready for everyone just yet, but it’s definitely getting really close. It definitely feels like it’s a sign of things to come. So much so that Intel, yeah that Intel, agreed with this statement and acquired Recon earlier this summer. So clearly they definitely have the vision and with that we jump into our hands on.
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Tech Review: Turbine

In this round, we are taking a look at the Turbine from Rhinomed, which is designed to increase the airflow level in all athletes, from recreational up through professional. When this little gadget showed up on our gear review desk, everyone wanted to try it and many were dubious. I got the nod to take it for a spin because as far back as I can remember I’ve had some level of difficulty breathing through my nose. I’ve had pollen allergies/hay fever for the last 20+ years that I take a bunch of junk for with somewhat limited response. I’m a mouth breather when I sleep due to a medically diagnosed mid-grade deviated septum. It doesn’t stop me from going for it, but any additional airflow I can create in my nasal passage is a plus. Thus my experience with a little piece of medically designed yellow polymer begins.
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Recon Jet

A Preview of Recon Jet Smart Glass

A new entry in the world of fitness tech launches today named Recon Jet and I have to say, we are definitely a little curious to check it out. In a world littered with bands and watches, the Recon Jet is moving all of that up into your glasses and providing all that data at a glance. Its basically a rugged activity based Google Glass for runners and cyclists.
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Tech Review: Mio ALPHA 2 Heart Rate Sport Watch

The Mio Alpha 2 Sport Watch was released earlier this year and our team had a chance to put it through its paces. Mio has long been known for its wrist based ANT and Bluetooth compatible heart rate monitors, but they have never really been a player in the Sport Watch market. In the past they have always been just an accessory, but this model is their attempt to change all that. It is an upgrade to their first Alpha watch and adds a number of missing features, but more than anything it makes them a viable player in the sport watch market.
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