Recon Jet

A Preview of Recon Jet Smart Glass

A new entry in the world of fitness tech launches today named Recon Jet and I have to say, we are definitely a little curious to check it out. In a world littered with bands and watches, the Recon Jet is moving all of that up into your glasses and providing all that data at a glance. Its basically a rugged activity based Google Glass for runners and cyclists.

The marketing team describes Recon Jet as an advanced wearable microcomputer for running and cycling and high intensity environments. It features a powerful processor and on-board camera that connect seamlessly with smartphones and sensors, delivering activity-specific information instantly, just below your right eye.

The device partners with your smartphone and includes a camera for photo and video, a map with GPS, music player, activity tracker, and can also pair with devices like heart-rate monitors. It comes in black and white and has three different lenses that can be swapped depending on lighting conditions. Its kind of a trip to see it in action so without further ado, here is the announcement video:

We are trying to get our hands on one to test it out, but if you are interested now then its available today for $699.