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Taking a look at apparel from Vuori Clothing

Alright, it’s time to talk apparel and in this case specifically about an apparel brand that many of us in the Pacific Northwest haven’t heard too much about, I’m talking about Vuori. I stumbled across this brand on a recent family vacation down to the Encinitas area, just north of San Diego, this past summer and definitely wanted to expose them to our readers.

The brand is relatively new in the market from a nationwide scale. I would put them in the alternative apparel category with a focus on yoga, training, and running. That being said, the majority of the products fit into specific categories like in the water, while working out, around town, or even during recovery when you’re just chilling around the house. They call it an “ active lifestyle”. The lineup includes pieces like short sleeve shirts, board shorts, running shorts (with interior liners), sweats, running/climbing pants, and even hoodies and long sleeves.

Vuori Apparel SS Shirt
Vuori Clothing Short Sleeve Shirt with Pocket

Two big ways Vuori tries to differentiate themselves. First, there is a commitment to quality both in the workmanship and details of their products and second, its ’s all about aesthetics. Diving more into quality, we see a definitive focus on materials and craftsmanship. From the selection of sustainable performant fabrics to the metal aglets that are featured at the end of their drawstrings, there is a consistent commitment to making the best product possible. The waistbands are well-thought-out, featuring very soft materials that causes zero abrasion during long runs, always feeling supple against your skin.

Next, looking at it from an aesthetic perspective Vuori went with clean lines and subtle color palettes to produce a more premium look that many people may not consider traditional running clothing. It moves away from the brighter, more florescent tones that you find acting as accents on most running clothing in favor of grays and blacks and looks like something that was designed by a fashion brand more than an athletic apparel company. However the fit and cut are definitely made by athletes because form and function are on point from the construction and wear of their trail short, to the length and sizing of their shirts, everything just feels spot on.

Vuori Apparel Trail Shorts In Use

The lineup features pieces for both men and women, but for us up here in the Pacific Northwest they are lacking in one aspect. Their lineup feels like late spring and summer for us. It features primarily short sleeve shirts and shorts as it relates to the activity portion. They reserve long pants, hoodies, and longer sleeves for the relaxing pile . This doesn’t mean those pieces aren’t amazing, you’re just really not going to work in them. What this does mean is that their shorts and t-shirts make for great training apparel for those of us that are forced into the gym in the winter and for those of us who cross-train, do yoga, rock climb or boulder indoors, etc.

The entire line does skew a little pricier than most, but with good reason. Vuori committed themselves to quality and workmanship and they also produce something of visual quality. Because it’s difficult to head down to Southern California to try on, head over to your local REI to try them out as they are now in store. If not, then just order from their website… your satisfaction is guaranteed by them as they want you to love the gear. You won’t be disappointed, and if anything this will leave you looking forward to next summer when our weather turns and we can all head back out into the sun again.

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