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Brooks Glycerin 17 Mens 2

Shoe Review: Brooks Glycerin 17

The Glycerin platform is clearly one of the favorites in the Brooks lineup, now boasting it’s 17th iteration. The Gylcerin 17 is a super-cushioned, comfortable runner is everything an everyday recreational runner could ask for. ...

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Brooks Launch 6 Mens 2

Shoe Review: Brooks Launch 6

Every year Brooks delivers on an improved version of the Launch platform and in this world where Brooks has a large number of models across their ecosystem, the introduction of the Launch platform from day ...

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Topo ST 3 2

Shoe Review: Topo Athletics ST-3

Topo Athletic hits us again with another update, this time on the road side with their new ST-3s. This super light and zero drop shoe gets a bit of a rework, so again we put ...

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Newton Fate 5 2

Shoe Review: Newton Fate 5

We are always excited to be checking out another shoe from Newton, so when their Fate 5 hit the market we were stoked to bring it in for testing. Newton is one of those brands ...

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Topo Athletic MTN Racer 3

Shoe Review: Topo Athletic MTN Racer

Topo Athletic has gone all in this last year in terms of refining and broadening their line to ensure they have representation across multiple aspects of road and trail running. Never is this truer than ...

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Hoka One One EVO Mafate 2 2

Shoe Review: Hoka One One EVO Mafate 2

When it comes to trail shoes, Hoka has had a couple of top choices, the Challenger ATR and the Speedgoat, but when the EVO Mafate 2 was released we wondered how it might fit. After ...

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Topo Athletic MT 3 Mens 1

Shoe Review: Topo Athletic MT-3

Topo Athletics updates there MT trail line up with the new MT-3. This is really your everyday trail runner that sits at a comfortable spot in the lineup against their Terraventure and new MTN Racer ...

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Altra Paradigm 45 2

Shoe Review: Altra Paradigm 4.5

The Paradigm 4.0 from Altra was one of our favorite shoes in a long time, so we were very excited about the release of the 4.5 as to what might’ve changed. To be honest, we ...

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Hoka One One Clifton 6 1

Shoe Review: Hoka One One Clifton 6

Every time Hoka launches a new version of the Clifton, they are met with a divisive response. I think in some ways this is a good thing because it means that Clifton as a platform ...

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Topo Athletic Phantom 3

Shoe Review: Topo Athletic Phantom

Topo Athletics has consistently maintained a solid lineup across the road and trail running ecosystem, but they have always lacked in one model... a high cushion road runner. The Phantom is here to fix that ...

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