Picky Bars Assortment

Food & Drink Review: Picky Bars

In the ever-growing world of training nutrition, one would think that the last thing we need is another bar. To those naysayers I would offer up Picky Bars, something closer to real food and less ...

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Topo Athletic Runduro Review

Shoe Review: Topo Athletic Runduro

At first glance, the Topo Athletic Runduro is definitely a head turner. The no lace BOA enclosure system will definitely raise a few eyebrows and you will inevitably field a few questions about it, but ...

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Altra Golden Harper Interview

An Interview with Golden Harper, Founder of Altra Running

There are people you meet in this world who are born athletes and I realize this is hard to accept. As most of us get older, we think "if I only trained harder" or "if ...

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Salomon Park Hydro Handset

Gear Review: Salomon Park Hydro Handset

It's rare you find something new in the world of portable hydration, I mean how many water bottle carriers can there be? The Salomon Park Hydro Handset really turns that thinking around and gives you a whole new ...

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New Balance Fresh Foam Zante

Shoe Review: New Balance Fresh Foam Zante

New Balance has always been a big player in the running game. You know, one of those companies that people stay loyal to forever even if the shoes didn't always look the best. That being ...

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Recon Jet

A Preview of Recon Jet Smart Glass

A new entry in the world of fitness tech launches today named Recon Jet and I have to say, we are definitely a little curious to check it out. In a world littered with bands ...

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Clothing Review: Injinji Performance Toesocks

When our review team got a batch of the latest Injinji toesocks to try out, they were to put it bluntly... skeptical. Some were downright scared by the prospect of trying them on, but we ...

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Skechers GOmeb Speed 3 - Boston 2015

Skechers announces GOmeb Speed 3 for the 2015 Boston Marathon

Skechers today announced the GOmeb Speed 3 customs for the 2015 Boston Marathon. The shoe will be on sale this week at Marathon Sports, with locations around Boston in very limited quantities. So if you ...

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Shoe Review: Zoot Solana ACR

Our team wasn't sure what to expect when we started trying out the Zoot Solana ACRs, but we were eager to take them for a spin. Zoot is well-known in the world of triathletes, but ...

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Food & Drink Review: Oatmega Protein Bars

The world of protein bars is saturated with a million different entries from snack and candy giants to local upstarts who are trying to improve on the recipe. What drew us to Oatmega, more than the ...

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