TRE2019 Featured

The Running Event 2019 Show Wrap-Up

The Running Event brings together almost every major brand under one roof to show off the upcoming year’s lineup to both retailers and press alike. We had the opportunity to attend and it was awesome to see what some folks have in store for the running community this coming year. We will breakdown each brand in a moment, but it’s important to look at the pervasive trends before diving deeper. TRENDS Male ...

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361 Meraki 2 Mens 2

Shoe Review: 361 Meraki 2

361 remains relatively unknown in the US market, but this Chinese behemoth continues to try and penetrate the market nonetheless. Their shoes compete head to head with almost every other brand out there offering models across the entire ecosystem. We have checked out other models before, but we were definitely interested in checking out the new Meraki 2... one of their flagship road shoes for the everyday runner. Construction: Upper The upper ...

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361 Spire 3 Mens 2

Shoe Review: 361 Spire 3

361 continues to be the little engine that tries and is kicking off some solid shoes, yet remains an unknown in the US. While the company is huge in China, the US team is actually a whole different org and even the shoes are market-specific. Today we check out their priciest and arguably most successful road model, the Spire and its latest iteration, the Spire 3. Past reviews of the ...

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TrailShoes2016 Featured

Trail Running Shoe Showdown 2016: Racing

I am consistently asked what my favorite shoes are and my answer is always the same, it depends. What terrain are you on, distances are you covering, what’s your pace, any lower extremity conditions, etc. These are all the questions I ask and even then I can return a list of what might work for you, but from that point it’s up to you. I don’t believe in the perfect ...

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361 Voltar Featured

Running Shoe Review: 361° Voltar

I have heard people call them the Nike of China and you probably saw them during the Olympics, but weren't sure what brand it was. I was in a very similar place and from the first time I tried on a shoe from 361°, I had no idea what to expect. In this review, we are taking a closer look at the Voltar, a neutral road runner that is designed ...

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