Brooks Hyperion Elite Featured

Brooks Hyperion Elite Review

We have been long waiting for the Brooks answer to the craziness surrounding Nike’s Vaporfly and Alphalfy Carbon plate technology, so we were excited, to say the least when the Hyperion Elite showed up. We have seen blacked-out versions of their shoes on many of their athletes including Des Linden, but at TRE back in 2019 we got our first really look at them. When it was time to actually ...

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Fast Featured

Fastest Running Shoes, the Battle for Number One

Everyone wants to be fast and manufacturers are doing everything they can to make that more achievable. Shoes are getting lighter, more technically advanced, and even forcing governing bodies to put standards place to oversee what can and can't be done. The following list is some of the fastest out there right now and all road legal. Brooks Brooks Hyperion Elite Drop: 8mm Weight: 6.9oz Price: $250 Note this was NOT the ...

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Brooks Divide 1

Brooks Divide Review

In the "color us surprised" department, Brooks has added a new trail shoe the lineup with the Divide. This entry-level trail shoe takes its cues from the other staple Brooks trail models like the Cascadia and Caldera but is designed for those who might not need all the frills or are just getting into trail running and want to test the waters with a shoe designed for the trails. The ...

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Brooks Caldera 4 2

Brooks Caldera 4 Review

Brooks has been cranking out some really solid trail shoes lately. The updates to the Cascadia lineup this year were so solid, the new low-cost Divide is hitting the market, and now we get the Caldera 4 update. Boasting more cushion than the others and a bit wider stance, this update appears to continue the trend... the question now is how do you choose just one. Quick Details, Specs, and Availability ...

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TRE2019 Featured

The Running Event 2019 Show Wrap-Up

The Running Event brings together almost every major brand under one roof to show off the upcoming year’s lineup to both retailers and press alike. We had the opportunity to attend and it was awesome to see what some folks have in store for the running community this coming year. We will breakdown each brand in a moment, but it’s important to look at the pervasive trends before diving deeper. TRENDS Male ...

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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 Featured

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 Review

Brooks has had just a couple years to figure out the Adrenaline platform (sarcasm), so when the GTS 20 dropped we knew we would get something solid and well built. Brooks dubbed the Adrenaline the Go-To Shoe (GTS, get it?) back in the day as it balances stability with an easy ride and is accessible for most recreational runners. With the 20, they have redesigned the upper and kept the ...

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Brooks Ghost 12 Featured

Brooks Ghost 12 Review

The Ghost is probably the most versatile runner in the Brooks lineup and while it may seem pretty simple at first glance, the new Ghost 12 delivers on a solid run experience that one can safely recommend to most runners. Shoes like this are why the Brooks faithful are as devout as they are. They continue to deliver on solid updates and find a way to never break the mold ...

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Brooks Cascadia 14 Mens 2

Brooks Cascadia 14 Review

When thinking of flagship trail runners and the Pacific Northwest, no shoe model should jump into your mind faster than the Brooks Cascadia. The shoe pays homage to its Washington roots referencing the Cascade mountain range and from its yearly collaborations with REI to the incredible nature-oriented colorways they come out with, the question for us as always is... can they do better next year? Honestly, while the 13 was ...

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Brooks Glycerin 17 Mens 2

Brooks Glycerin 17 Review

The Glycerin platform is clearly one of the favorites in the Brooks lineup, now boasting it’s 17th iteration. The Gylcerin 17 is a super-cushioned, comfortable runner is everything an everyday recreational runner could ask for. We handed it over to our his and hers team to get two different angles to compare and contrast. Construction: Upper The upper on the Gylcerin 17 is made of engineered mesh or what Brooks calls ...

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Brooks Launch 6 Mens 2

Brooks Launch 6 Review

Every year Brooks delivers on an improved version of the Launch platform and in this world where Brooks has a large number of models across their ecosystem, the introduction of the Launch platform from day one struck a really good tone with us. One might think a new neutral road shoe from Brooks wasn't warranted, but the focus on maintaining a really simple fit while delivering on performance has been ...

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