Propel Mattress 1

Upgrade Your Sleep With Performance Mattresses for Runners – Propel Review

Mattresses have come a very long way in the last few years and with the advent of the internet direct sales and the disintermediation of various industries, it was only a matter of time before it happened. Now consumers can get amazingly well-built mattresses without the need to feel like you are going to a used car lot and the number of choices is staggering. Within this category, yet another ...

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Traction Featured

Best Traction Devices for Running in the Snow and Mud

Winter in the Pacific Northwest tends to bring a couple challenges to runners, lower temperatures and inclement weather. Lower temps can be solved with the right apparel and even the rain can be conquered with the right Gore-tex based shoe, which everyone seems to have now, but snow and ice... that is another story. Traction becomes impossible as the ice hides under fluffy new fallen snow and even the walk ...

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Fluidstance Featured

FluidStance Level Review

To say we were excited to check out the Level from FluidStance is an understatement. From its early roots as a Kickstarter project, it has grown into a truly viable business with multiple product lines all built around the same core principle; to keep people healthy and improving workspace conditions. Yes there are similar products on the market, but none are as visually striking and well-designed, but the big question ...

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Nathan Vaporair Featured

Nathan Hydration Packs and VaporAir Review

Nathan has an incredible lineup of hydration packs and I feel sometimes like they fall off the radar when it comes to high end gear as they're very consumer-centric. This sometimes makes people think they don't make high-end gear and this is totally false. In actuality the majority of the packs they have this year are some of the best we've seen anywhere. Additionally, their lineup is so broad that ...

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Goodr Featured

Goodr Running Sunglasses Review

A friend of mine introduced me to Goodr sunglasses a few months back and I didn’t think much of it. At first glance, I just cast them aside not expecting much from them, but then I read into them a bit more and then I had a chance to wear them. I also got my friends to try them as well and as it turns out, you really should never ...

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Lifeproof Featured

Lifeproof Cases and Armbands Review

I’m definitely one of those folks thad is a fan of taking my phone with me on a run or a ride. It’s not always about listening to music all the time or taking photos along the way, but if anything its about safety. I view it as a just another pound or so of weight and it’s just good to have in case something comes up. The problem I ...

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Addaday Type S Calf Stretcher Review

When it comes to running, it goes without saying that from your hips to your toes, your legs need to be in the best possible condition to keep you moving forward. Now that may seem like Running 101, but you'd be surprised at how many people fail to adequately strengthen and stretch the various muscles in their legs. More often than not; calf, achilles, knee, and even hip injuries are ...

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Nathan - Featured

Nathan High Visibility and Lighting Lineup Review

Fall in the Pacific Northwest usually means darker mornings and earlier evenings and if you're like me and still want to get out and hit the road, then it's best to do it safely and more importantly, visibly. Our friends at Nathan have long been providing top quality gear both in the visibility and lighting categories (as well as hydration of course) for runners for quite a while. They offer ...

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Rudy Genetyk - Featured

Rudy Project Genetyk Sunglasses Review

We talked about the Rudy Ergomask in another review, but I wanted to speak directly to the Rudy Genetyk which became my eyewear of choice for triathlon competition. There was something not only about the styling, but also in the fit and feel that I found so attractive that I made them my choice for competition and most runs. Styling and Design The styling of the Genetyk is, I would say, very ...

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