Nathan Vaporair Featured

Nathan Hydration Packs and VaporAir Review

Nathan has an incredible lineup of hydration packs and I feel sometimes like they fall off the radar when it comes to high end gear as they're very consumer-centric. This sometimes makes people think they don't make high-end gear and this is totally false. In actuality the majority of the packs they have this year are some of the best we've seen anywhere. Additionally, their lineup is so broad that ...

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Ultimate Direction SJ Ultra Vest 3 Featured

Ultimate Direction SJ Ultra Vest 3.0 Hydration Pack Review

Ultimate Direction is one of those brands that has become synonymous with hydration in the running community, you can’t go to any big trail or ultra run without seeing the logo. I have been test running with the Ultimate Direction SJ Ultra Vest for several weeks now and I am back to report back on the updates Background Just like the 2.0, the SJ Ultra Vest is named for Scott Jurek, basically ...

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Orange Mud HydraQuiver VP2

Orange Mud HydraQuiver Vest Pack 2 Review

In this review, we are taking a look at The Orange Mud HydraQuiver VP2, which takes hydration back to its simplest form. Hydration hasn't changed much over the last several years. Sure, bags have gotten better fitting and yes, small incremental changes have been made, but the status quo within hydration has remained ever present. It's basically a bag for liquid and for lack of better terms, some sort of ...

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Geigerrig Cadence Race Vest

Geigerrig Hydration System and Cadence Race Vest Review

Our team has spent the last few months investigating and using the hydration system designed by Geigerrig and it's time to share a bit. Most people think of hydration systems as big plastic reservoirs with long straws attached to them and then end with a bite valve of some sort. Geigerrig however, has taken the time to come up with some compelling differences which makes their design highly effective for multitude ...

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Salomon Park Hydro Handset

Salomon Park Hydro Handset Review

It's rare you find something new in the world of portable hydration, I mean how many water bottle carriers can there be? The Salomon Park Hydro Handset really turns that thinking around and gives you a whole new method for carrying water while running. With summer rapidly approaching, there is no time like the present to re-evaluate your hydration lineup and give this one a look. The Hydro Handset is designed to be bottom ...

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