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Fastest Running Shoes, the Battle for Number One

Everyone wants to be fast and manufacturers are doing everything they can to make that more achievable. Shoes are getting lighter, more technically advanced, and even forcing governing bodies to put standards place to oversee what can and can't be done. The following list is some of the fastest out there right now and all road legal. Brooks Brooks Hyperion Elite Drop: 8mm Weight: 6.9oz Price: $250 Note this was NOT the ...

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New Balance Hierro V5 1

New Balance Hierro v5 Review

How amazing does this shoe look seriously? New Balance is taking some big risks lately with aesthetics and the Hierro v5 is no exception. Before you even get into the specs, you can’t help but marvel at the styling of the shoe and as a trail shoe its pretty killer. As you take a look at the specs, you see an amazing use of Fresh Foam and Megagrip to round ...

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New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10

New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080 v10 Review

The New Balance 1080 has always been the shoe in their lineup you could trust to have cushioning, it was always the plushest. When we first saw these, we were frankly shocked at the radical upper redesign the v10 has gone through, and while we didn’t love the v9... it is quite a departure. Thankfully they left that beautiful Fresh Foam midsole in tact, and focused on the problem areas ...

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New Balance Fresh Foam More. 2

New Balance Fresh Foam More Review

We truly never expected a shoe like the Fresh Foam More out of New Balance as they have always remained very true to their lineup. This is a clear attempt to see them enter the maximum cushion shoe market and start to compete with brands like Hoka, so it was really interesting to see how they would shape up. Construction: Upper The upper is a fully seamless engineered mesh and is really ...

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New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit 2

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit Review

Something new from New Balance rolled in and it looks like a lot like their Zante V4 just with a bit of a haircut, it's the Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit. This thinned out road shoe is all about performance and this is true as you look across the entire shoe from top to bottom. The real question we had was where does this live in the line-up. As it turns ...

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New Balance 1080v9 2

New Balance 1080v9 Review

Let's talk a little bit about the 1089v9 from New Balance. It's a really interesting dichotomy and change for New Balance and we can lead right off by saying we have some mixed feelings about it. It is better than past editions without question and the lighter weight is warranted, but there's a lot happening in the shoe so we put it through its paces to get some thoughts. Construction: Upper The ...

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NewBalance FreshFoam ZanteV310

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v3 Review

We are back today with another New Balance shoe, this time it's the Fresh Foam Zante v3. After recently looking at the Fresh Foam 1080v7, its hard not to compare it to the Zante v3. Where the 1080v7 was packed with cushion, structure, material, and was even a little weighty, the Zante v3 is the total opposite. Instead, this shoe is designed for speed and responsiveness, but we put it ...

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NewBalance FreshFoam 1080v7 2

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v7 Review

New Balance has been going through some dramatic changes in the last couple years and I think it's culminating this year in better aesthetics, improved design, and really just more enjoyable shoes. In today's review, we look at the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v7. All New Balance shoes are built on the Fresh Foam platform for the most part but there are variances that come in the flexibility, the level ...

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BostonMarathon2017 Featured

Boston Marathon 2017 Shoe Round-Up

We are rapidly closing in on the big day for a lot of runners around the world, the start of the 2017 Boston Marathon. While we really enjoy the beauty of the run, the people, the city, and the achievement; what we really like are shoes. Every year manufacturers release special editions specifically for Boston and we have started our round-up. We will keep this updated as more release, but ...

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New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 Review

There are certain brands that stick out in your mind for various reasons, but when it comes to New Balance I always think back to college. I went to school in the suburbs of Boston and when you talk about running shoes with almost anyone in the northeast inevitably New Balance was one of the first brands they would mention it. It's a lot like Nike in Portland or Brooks ...

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