Newton Fate 5 2

Newton Fate 5 Review

We are always excited to be checking out another shoe from Newton, so when their Fate 5 hit the market we were stoked to bring it in for testing. Newton is one of those brands that just pulls in a hyper enthusiastic following, and yet always maintains a decent stock of naysayers, but this model may swing folks once and for all. Newton has chosen to always do things a ...

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Newton Gravity 7 3

Newton Gravity 7 Review

Whether you are a Newton fan or not, the Gravity 7 is really something most road runners should take a look at if they are looking for a performance based shoe. The biggest thing here is obviously Newton's specialized platform, their P.O.P. technology, but more than that the Gravity is really just a solid lightweight, quick shoe. The transition to the platform comes with some drawbacks and the price point ...

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Newton Motion 7 1

Newton Motion 7 Review

Newton remains one of those fringe brands that only a select few know about, but the ones that do swear by their design. We got a chance to take a look at the latest version of the Motion, the 7, which provides an additional layer of support from other models in the lineup like the Gravity and the Fate. Construction: Upper The upper is made of engineered mesh which is both ...

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Newton Fate3 5

Newton Fate 3 Review

Some brands seem to have mastered the equation when it comes to the creation of loyal followers, never has this been more true than with Newton. People who are loyalists swear by them, they know all about Newton’s patented POP technology and probably their specific number as well. We looked at the Fate 2 last year, so we were excited to look at the latest update... the Fate 3. Construction: ...

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Newton FateII Featured

Newton Fate II Review

Newton has always been one of those brands that I was always curious about. A lot of other reviewers and folks I know swear by them, but I have never had the chance to try them out. I have always loved the visual of the shoe and I also love the fact that it represents a company doing it their way. Newton has a very specific point of view on ...

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