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OOFOS OOcloog Sport Clog Review

I am definitely one of those runners that suffers from pretty sore lower legs after big, long runs, and when it’s a trail run even more so. I tend to find myself with a lot of soleus, calf, and achilles tension for a few days and no amount of strength training, stretching, or improvements to flexibility has never really alleviated it. So when the OOFOS Sport Clogs arrived I was ...

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Gear Review: Addaday Type S Calf Stretcher

When it comes to running, it goes without saying that from your hips to your toes, your legs need to be in the best possible condition to keep you moving forward. Now that may seem like Running 101, but you'd be surprised at how many people fail to adequately strengthen and stretch the various muscles in their legs. More often than not; calf, achilles, knee, and even hip injuries are ...

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