Asics GEL Quantum 360 Featured

Shoe Review: Asics GEL-Quantum 360

When I first saw the Asics GEL-Quantum 360 marketed after Outdoor Retailer, I was super interested in how the shoes might perform and how they would translate within the current market. While gel has always been an Asics bread-and-butter from a cushioning perspective, this full outsole design was definitely an interesting gamble for the shoe. We got our chance to take it for a spin and are back to report. To ...

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Vasque Pendulum II Review

Shoe Review: Vasque Pendulum II

For some reason as we move into the fall soon the winter months, we start talking a lot more about trail shoes. I think this is because historically trail shoes are designed for inclement weather whereas road shoes are inherently more vulnerable to the changes in climate. In this review, we are looking at a newcomer for us but in no way new to the trail market, Vasque. We are ...

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Rudy Genetyk - Featured

Gear Review: Rudy Project Genetyk Sunglasses

We talked about the Rudy Ergomask in another review, but I wanted to speak directly to the Rudy Genetyk which became my eyewear of choice for triathlon competition. There was something not only about the styling, but also in the fit and feel that I found so attractive that I made them my choice for competition and most runs. Styling and Design The styling of the Genetyk is, I would say, very ...

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Triathlon Diary Entry: Triathlon Accomplished – Part 3 – The Run and The Finish

The transition into the run went really smoothly, much better than I expected in fact. After I dismounted the bike, I sprinted across the still damp grass into my transition spot and made a quick change into my Hokas, threw on my number belt, and grabbed my hat and before you know it I was headed out of the gate with a total transition time of 1:41. Most of this ...

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Altra Provision 2.0 Featured

Shoe Review: Altra Provision 2.0

There are very few innovators in the running shoe market and by that I mean companies that are truly changing the way we we think about running shoe design. Most improvements that come to market are more aesthetic in nature and only result in small performance increases. Altra, on the other hand, is one of those companies that has built its foundation on changing the way people run. Their goal ...

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Gear Review: Rudy Project Ergomask Sunglasses

As part of our triathlon feature, we partnered with The Rudy Project to show off some of their latest and greatest within their sunglass line. They have long been known in the tri world for providing the best in eyewear and head protection and to kick it off, I wanted to provide a little more info on their Ergomask sunglasses, one of the latest and greatest in their line. The Ergomask ...

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Zoot PCH Running Shorts

Apparel Review: Zoot PCH 6” Running Shorts

Zoot has long been known as a triathlon apparel company, but these past few years of seeing them make major inroads into the running market. In this quick review, I wanted to give you a quick look at the Zoot to PCH running shorts as I've been using them for quite a while and I don't think they've gotten the due respect they deserve. The PCH Shorts are much like your ...

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Diary Entry: Going Through The Shaving and Waxing Process For Your First Triathlon

Believe it or not, one of the most common questions I was asked when I told people I was training for a triathlon was are you going to shave? I found this incredibly amusing given all the other potential difficulties you run into when training for a tri, but I knew it was looming out there. I decided, then and there, that not only would I go the shaving route, but ...

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Salomon S-Lab X-Series

Shoe Review: Salomon S-LAB X-SERIES

First off I'll kick this off by saying I've run in various pairs of Salomon trail shoes throughout the years so I'm pretty familiar with their features and design. Their quality has always been very high and their customer support and warrantee replacement program has always been top notch. So when the new S-Lab X-Series came across my desk and I was pretty pumped to see all that trail experienced packed ...

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Hoka One One Challenger ATR

Show Review: HOKA ONE ONE Challenger ATR

We have talked HOKAs before when we took a look at the Huaka a while back, but I have honestly never been so excited as I was to try their newest offering, the Challenger ATRs. Listed as a trail shoe and even sold that way in stores, I would honestly call these bad boys a hybrid, the best of both worlds. An all-terrain behemoth that destroys road and trail alike. ...

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