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Fastest Running Shoes, the Battle for Number One

Everyone wants to be fast and manufacturers are doing everything they can to make that more achievable. Shoes are getting lighter, more technically advanced, and even forcing governing bodies to put standards place to oversee what can and can't be done. The following list is some of the fastest out there right now and all road legal. Brooks Brooks Hyperion Elite Drop: 8mm Weight: 6.9oz Price: $250 Note this was NOT the ...

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Skechers GOrun 7 Plus Featured

Skechers GOrun 7+ Hyper Review

We have to give a lot of credit to Skechers with the redesign of this one. The GOrun 7 was actually a fantastic shoe, but the upper left a little to be desired for quite a few people both in appearance and somewhat in function. To that end, Skechers did the ultimate and just scrapped it and introduced an entire new radial knit upper that is the GOrun 7+ Hyper. Quick ...

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Skechers Speed Elite Featured 1

Skechers GOrun Speed Elite Hyper Review

We knew it was coming and versions of the Skechers GOrun Speed Elite have been circulating for the last several months, but with the Olympic Trials rapidly approaching, it was time to make them publicly available. We got our hands on the Speed Elite and had a chance to run them side by side with the other carbon plated models on the market to see if they could compete. Bottom ...

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Skechers GOMeb Speed 6 1

Skechers GOMeb Speed 6 Hyper Review

This one totally threw us for a loop when they came out in late October, early November and honestly, it looks so similar to the Razor 3, we weren't sure what Skechers was thinking with this release. So we were curious about what the differences actually were between all these models. The easy answer is the GOMeb Speed 6 Hyper is the lower stack race day shoe that harkens back ...

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TRE2019 Featured

The Running Event 2019 Show Wrap-Up

The Running Event brings together almost every major brand under one roof to show off the upcoming year’s lineup to both retailers and press alike. We had the opportunity to attend and it was awesome to see what some folks have in store for the running community this coming year. We will breakdown each brand in a moment, but it’s important to look at the pervasive trends before diving deeper. TRENDS Male ...

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Skechers GOrun Ride 8 Hyper 2

Skechers GOrun Ride 8 Hyper Review

Skechers continues to fight the good fight and this update proves that they most definitely aren’t your parent's shoes. Instead, the GOrun Ride 8 Hyper is something that looks remarkably simple but packs a lot of smart thinking under the hood. From the implementation of their Hyperburst midsole to their integration and partnership with Goodyear for their outsoles, Skechers is firing on all cylinders. Quick Details, Specs, and Availability The addition ...

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Skechers GOrun Speed TRL Hyper 1

Skechers GOrun Speed TRL Hyper Review

Did someone ask Skechers for a super-light speedy trail shoe that sports some killer looks and we missed the memo? Nevertheless, they have delivered on something fairly remarkable at first glance. We took it out on the trails to see if it could deliver on all the promises we were seeing and put it to the test. Quick Details, Specs, and Availability Ultralight trail shoe designed for speed Uses much of ...

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Skechers GORun Maxroad 4 Hyper Mens 2

Skechers GORun Maxroad 4 Hyper Review

Here we go again and boy were we excited about this one, as many others are as well. It is the new Skechers GORun Maxroad 4 Hyper (what a mouthful) and it’s available now. Before we go any further, let’s just say the name is terrible and yes we know it, but we’re moving past it. Around here we just call it the Maxroad 4 to keep it simple so ...

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Skechers GOrun Ride7 2019 1

Skechers GOrun 7 Hyper Review

We have tested numerous versions of the Skechers GOrun lineup and the introduction of the new GOrun 7 Hyper finally brings us something truly compelling. Skechers has blended together the midsole from their highly successful Razor 3, added a whole new knit upper all to create a more responsive, lighter, and more performance oriented version of their staple road runner. The question remains if it is better than what they ...

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Skechers GOrun Speed3 Razor1

Skechers GOrun Razor 3 Hyper Review

This will forever be the story of a really solid shoe with an incredibly horrible name, it's the Skechers GOrun Razor 3 Hyper or the shoe with a giant SPEED on the side. This shoe is a straight competitor that can go head to head with Nike's new VaporFly Zoom Fly platform and uses much of the same methodologies in its design. They are meant to be fast, an explosive ...

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