Altra Golden Harper Interview

Interview with Altra Running Founder Golden Harper

There are people you meet in this world who are born athletes and I realize this is hard to accept. As most of us get older, we think "if I only trained harder" or "if I only started earlier", but in reality there are people who have athletic prowess engrained in their DNA. Such begins my interview with Altra Running's founder Golden Harper. Golden is incredibly humble about his past and ...

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Interview with the Founder of SKORA David Sypniewski

We had a chance to sit down with David Sypniewski, Founder and CEO of SKORA. If you look at the running shoe landscape, then you will be hard pressed to find a company so committed to their message and to delivering on it. SKORA was born to try to solve a problem and to try to rethink the fundamental way we run. They were innovating in the area of barefoot running before anyone else ...

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An Interview with Brandon Schoessler of Sportland Tea Company

We had a chance to chat with Brandon Schoessler, the Founder and CEO of  Sportland Tea Company, the makers of The Runner's Tea and a fiercely proud-to-be-Oregon-based business. Sportland Tea Company is composed of 5 partners, all from different backgrounds, but all unified in the idea that a cup of tea can change your life. Welcome Brandon, first off can you tell us a little about the company and the product? We make Runner's Tea, which is ...

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