Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy

We are a group of runners and writers who are always researching the latest in running technology, apparel, news, and more. We provide reviews on this site and we share these reviews with our readers. Its one of our main goals, to bring candid and 100% honest reviews about these products. If they have flaws, we will say that and if that bothers brands, then we won’t work with them.

Companies do approach us to review their products and to be ambassadors for them, but this will never affect our integrity and the ability to review a product. We only review things we would use and wear ourselves as we realize you are spending your hard earned money on this gear. Our goal is to beat the stuff up so when you do buy it, you have all the information going in and so you don’t have to.

If we reviews products for a company, act as an ambassador for their products, or accept payment for advertising, then we will always disclose this. Keep in mind that in most cases, we are always working with companies directly and they don’t mind us being brutally honest about the gear. Most of the time, they are looking for our feedback and more importantly our readers’ feedback.

We are not doctors or professional athletes and the opinions expressed are only that of our reviewers. If you have any injuries or running questions, then you should always seek out a medical professional or a fitness trainer and not rely on us as they single point of reference. We cannot accept responsibility for actions taken by the reader that result in their injury. What may be right for our reviewers, may not be right for you.

These disclosures are required as part of FTC Guidelines.