Getting in Touch With Us

Getting in Touch With Us

General Questions

First off, if you want talk to us about anything, then please reach out to us at We love to chat with our readers.

Advertising and Sponsorship

We are also happy to talk advertising and have a bunch of options, including social sponsorships as well as on-site banner advertising. We are consistently running contests and promotions to grow our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter audiences as well.

Our demographics are as follows:

  • Gender
    • 71% Male
    • 29% Female
  • Age
    • 32% 25-34
    • 30% 35-44
    • 20% 45-54
    • 9% 55-64
    • 8% 18-24
  • Location
    • 65% United States
    • 6% United Kingdom
    • 4% Canada
    • 3% Australia
    • 22% RoW
  • Device
    • 47% Desktop
    • 45% Mobile
    • 8% Tablet

Some options for advertising include include:

Square Sidebar Ads: 300 x 250 (or 250×250)

300x250Skyscraper Sidebar Ads: 300 x 600 (or greater)


Leaderboard Ads: 728×90

728x90Sponsored Posts

Twitter/Instagram/Facebook Sponsored Tweets/Posts/Stories

You can find out more by contacting us at

Product Review Requests

If you would like to send us product(s) for review, then please contact us at We have a lot of folks reaching out to us and we cannot of course accommodate every request, but if we feels its a compelling product then we will definitely work you in. We can turn things around fairly quickly as needed, but plan on anything you send getting pretty well destroyed. We want to give our readers the best indication of how things perform in real world conditions, so we test them thoroughly.

If you have something releasing in the future and want to tease it via a Preview piece, then we can accommodate that as well. If you require it to be returned to you after testing, then please include a return shipping envelope or your UPS or FedEx shipping number so we can get it back to you.

A note on reviews, we provide unbiased, candid feedback and anecdotal commentary to the equipment we rigorously test in the field. Our reviewers use the gear every day as part of their work and play and have the same expectations of test equipment as something they would spend their own money on. If you can’t handle a candid review, then we probably aren’t the right place for you.