Recon Jet

A Preview of Recon Jet Smart Glass

A new entry in the world of fitness tech launches today named Recon Jet and I have to say, we are definitely a little curious to check it out. In a world littered with bands and watches, the Recon Jet is moving all of that up into your glasses and providing all that data at a glance. Its basically a rugged activity based Google Glass for runners and cyclists. The marketing ...

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Preview: Suunto Launches Their New Ambit3 Running Specific GPS Watch

Suunto today announced the release of a new version of their Ambit3 GPS watch specifically for the running category. In addition to a great new color, the Run also comes in at a lower price point than the Sport model. The Ambit3 family is really shaping up and it sounds like they have even more planned for the next few months. The primary difference between the Run and the Sport is ...

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