The Site is Live!!

After a long wait, we are pleased to announce the launch of Running Northwest. The goal of the site is to provide running related information with a definite lean to the Pacific Northwest. We have a lot in store for the future, but we are kicking off with some great shoe and apparel reviews as well as a pretty massive filterable event system.


First, a little about reviews. Our goal is to find the best in breed products, stuff we would wear, and then beat them up and give you an accurate portrayal of performance. This site is not about ratings as we realize that all shoes are different for all runners. There is no right choice for everyone, but we believe by providing education around features and benefits that we will enable other runners to make better choices. Brands work directly with us and realize we are testing things out with scrutiny, so we don’t hold back. We also consider ourselves average runners, we are trying to PR with every race, but we aren’t in the top 10… we are normal people, just like you.

Interviews are the next big item on the roadmap and we are really looking forward to getting these out. These are conversations with influencers, people who affect the running industry in dramatic ways. They will be meetings with other runners like you and insight into their training methods, goals, histories, and more. These will be killer.

Previews and News will grow as well. We will try and get our hands on things before they hit the store and let you know what the rest of the year is going to look like in the running world. If you are a huge fan of a particular brand, then we hope to broaden people’s horizons by showing them what other cool running tech might be on its way.

Lastly, the site is built for the readers, so we are always changing and love feedback. So reach out to us, the only way to grow the site is to work together to make it what we always wanted. We look forward to the journey and hope you’ll stick with us and watch us grow. Also, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!