Review: Altra Lone Peak 2

The Lone Peak 2.0 is really designed to be the trail shoe no one knew they needed. It feels like it was developed by folks that run trails every single day so it has all these insanely well thought out little features both aesthetically and functionally that make it stand out from the crowd. Plus, its an Altra so if you are already of a fan of Zero Drop and their wider toe boxes then definitely give these a try.


These things look really sweet and you will get a ton of comments on them, especially the yellow version. Its aggressive looking with rubber claws on the toe and heel that provide additional traction at those contact points. The one just really smart feature is on the rear of the shoe under a small flap of velcro. That piece is the anchor point for Altra’s Trail Gaiters which are a must have for trail runners and I think should just be included in the box. Oh yeah, and the sole is sweet… very clever. One thing I noticed on the yellow even though I dig the color is that dirt really sets in and they are noticeably difficult to clean off.

Altra Lone Peak 2 - Stacked


They fit like all other Altra shoes and by that I mean they have some really common elements across all their shoes. You have the massively wide toe box with encourages splay and a more natural foot position. The Lone Peak’s don’t have the extreme stack size of a Paradigm and they are considered a more Moderate Cushioned shoe. They have this protective design called StoneGuard which helps keep rock feel to a minimum and it works really well. It does reduce flexibility a little bit, but I don’t mind this in a trail shoe. I will definitely take a little stiffer shoe if I am getting additional protection. All the Altra shoes have that “big” feeling and these are no different, it takes getting used and will put off many folks first.

Altra Lone Peak 2 - Laces


These thing run like monsters meaning they eat up the trail way better than I expected. They handled various weather and trail hazard conditions with zero effort so hard pack, mud, creeks, rocks, logs, etc all tumbled under them. I noticed hardly (if any) slippage while in full race mode and they reacted really well. They are not a maximum cushioned trail shoe, so you don’t get a lot of plushness, but I actually felt like having a little more road feel made them more responsive. If anything, you can say the Lone Peaks give you confidence to push through obstacles whereas many times you have to hyper focus on the road ahead. Note, these would also make great obstacle/adventure race shoes as well, but I would like a fully waterproofed upper in some cases.

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These are designed for distance and are a top choice among ultra trail runners so talking about short distances is really meaningless. In my longer tests I found them to wear really well and they really provide a level of feel I didn’t expect. They wore more like a minimalist shoe so you get a good amount of grip and trail feel through your sole, but they provide a longevity in terms of comfort, allowing you to go further. If you don’t like some trail feel, then I would probably opt for a shoe with a little more cushion or with a more substantial sole design.

Altra Lone Peak 2 - Sole


  • Weight: 10.9oz (size 9)
  • MSRP: $120.00
  • Available: Buy Now