Review: Balega Socks – Ultra Light and Enduro

Our team had a chance to test out some of the sock latest releases from Balega including the new Ultra Light No Shows and their Enduro models. Balega, the Zulu word for “to move with speed”, is based in is committed to designing products of technical excellence and their development team is composed of racers of all sorts, ultra marathoner to everyday runners. We had our male and female reviewers take them through their paces and we have thoughts on them from both sides.


Both our testers had the first initial comment after trying these on, “super soft”. This may sound a little strange, but even after multiple washings and repeated use, these socks have stayed true to their initial feel. Additionally, both testers stated they don’t typically enjoy ultra light/thin socks, but both loved the way these felt and functioned. The Ultra Lights have a second skin fit with mesh panels on the upper, but then also have additional grip through the arch so you get the best of both worlds. They have a special heel pocket which is ergonomically designed to allow for ease of entry and both testers felt the heel cup and and tab made ease of entry quick and easy, but also felt it kept the heel firmly in place during runs. All in all, the Ultra Light No Shows got a huge vote of confidence from our team. They come in some great colors and fit true to size. They are available now direct from Balega for $12 a pair.


Balega has a number of Enduro models, but the model we tested was the new Women’s No Show model. This is definitely the more cushioned version of the two and whole it still maintains the special mesh ventilation, it is definitely thicker overall. Our tester found this to be the better performer on trail days and cooler days. On warmer days, it led to some significant amount of foot sweat and the ultra lights were favored. The seamless toe was a big hit and a really clever structural element. They fit true to size and come in three colorways. They are available now direct from Balega for $12 a pair.