Topo Athletic Runduro Review

Shoe Review: Topo Athletic Runduro

At first glance, the Topo Athletic Runduro is definitely a head turner. The no lace BOA enclosure system will definitely raise a few eyebrows and you will inevitably field a few questions about it, but the real question is how does it run? The answer is that the Runduro can tackle most of what you can throw at it, especially at distance, and the lack of laces well… its kind of a non-issue.


The Topo Runduro is really a shoe that is designed for distance runners. It has a nice roomy toebox that really reduces any sort of chaffing and allows for maximum toe splay. This has really become a must have in any high mileage shoe, at least in our tests. The padding in the tongue and in the heel is just the perfect amount and really you don’t need much more as it strikes the right balance between padding and ventilation especially around the upper.

Topo Athletic Runduro Closeup

It also handles both road and trail pretty well so mixed runs were definitely pleasant. The outsole was extremely durable and after numerous runs, the Runduro hardly showed any signs of wear outwardly. The tread is definitely build to handle road and groomed trails, so don’t let the road connotation hold you back. Lastly, they are extremely stable and pretty rigid, so they held their line very well.


The Runduro goes on like it was anatomically modeled for your foot. Topo Athletic has done a great job matching the structure of the human foot and supports it extremely well, including a heel cup that holds you in place effectively. The only potential drawback in the Runduro is probably the rigidity of the shoe overall. The flexibility from the heel to toe is pretty limited, but again this goes back to being designed for distance. This is not a sprinter’s shoe or recreational runner’s shoe, but on long runs it really shines.

Topo Athletic Runduro Side


The enclosure system was the big question we got throughout testing. People would look at it and shake their heads and wonder what on earth it was and this would then turn to curiosity once we demoed it to them. They would the ask about how it felt and how well it worked. The answer to this is just as variable as the question of flexibility. If you love a really tight fit, then its really something you may want to test out before you buy the Runduro. Here is a demo of the BOA in use and you can see how simple it is to use.

While the BOA can ratchet down pretty tight, its hard to get it really snug as you will definitely find it slipping out of your fingers. That being said, I prefer a somewhat snug fit and it was more than enough. I found the enclosure to be simple and quick to use and they did not back off during a run. Note, it is the only shoe in the Topo Athletic lineup that features this design, so not sure its going to stick around. That being said I found it very effective, quick and simple to use. I actually quite enjoyed using it and enjoyed the attention they got when people asked about it.


We ran the Runduro across various distances ranging from short mileage up to the high teens pretty consistently across both road and mixed conditions. They were also used in both wet and dry conditions to see how they could handle the water and the good news is they handled both very well. Below you can see a quick video of the responsiveness of the sole in stride.

Overall, the shoe performs very well and while you do notice the additional rigidity in the sole, we found that it simply allows you to maintain your stride consistently over distance. We did find that rapid acceleration was not where it shone brightest, but on uphills and downhills they functioned really well. The Runduro is a very comfortable shoe during runs and the BOA enclosure definitely adds to this.

Topo Athletic Runduro Stacked


  • Weight: 8.5oz (size 9)
  • MSRP: $100.00
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