Feetures Elite Socks

Clothing Review: Feetures Elite Light Comfort No Show Socks

Socks are one of those interesting spots in the industry where manufacturers continue to innovate even though you may not expect it. Feetures is one of those companies that thinks having a couple of pairs of really high quality socks is drastically more important to your overall performance and it shows throughout their product line. Many runners, especially beginners, tend to pickup whatever’s cheapest and these usually come in a 6 or 12 pack and I think its important to view whats under your shoe just as much as you focus on the shoe itself. We had a chance to review a few pairs of the Feetures Elite Light No Shows and put them through their paces and the team was very pleased with the results.

We’ve been wearing a lot of socks lately to say the least, many of which will never seen the light of day on this site for one reason or another. So when Feetures sent us over some male and female pairs, not everyone was pumped to try another, but we forged ahead and boy are we glad we did. Before you even put them, on its clear the socks are clearly well designed and well thought out. All Feetures socks feature no seam toes, lycra through the arch given you a little extra compression, a Y-heel which prevents sliding, and have high density knitting making them softer. The Elites take this a step further with something they call the Sock-Lock technology, basically once on these things don’t ever slide around. Also, they all have a lifetime warranty, something I have never seen before from a sock manufacturer.

Our male tester immediately commented on the weight of the sock. It’s a light, but it’s not too thin and still feels soft against your foot. Many light and ultra light socks feel overly thin so you get a lot of road or shoe interior feel, but the Feetures Elite still felt like a sock. Our female tester basically just said, “I love them” and wanted to wear them all the time. After further pressing it turned out that what she really liked was the physical feel of the sock against the skin along with the extra compression they provided.

Feetures Elite Lights come in a ton of colors and various sizes including the No Show Tabs that we tested, Low Cuts, Quarters, and Crew. You can also get the Elites in an Ultra Light version as well. They are competitively priced at $14.99 and you can check out their site for more info.

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