Zoot PCH Running Shorts

Apparel Review: Zoot PCH 6” Running Shorts

Zoot has long been known as a triathlon apparel company, but these past few years of seeing them make major inroads into the running market. In this quick review, I wanted to give you a quick look at the Zoot to PCH running shorts as I’ve been using them for quite a while and I don’t think they’ve gotten the due respect they deserve.

The PCH Shorts are much like your typical running shorts. They are six inches in length with a brief like liner, offer unrestricted movement, UPF built-in (50), reflectivity, etc. The first differentiator is this interior brief which is made with a trademark material they call Icefil which contains Xylitol. Not sure how this works technically, but definitely keeps things cool in that area and friction is minimal.

Zoot PCH Short Side View.jpg
Side view of the Zoot PCH with closeup on the waistband.

The next stand out is the waistband, both in its construction and its design. Its basically a wide 100% percent elastic band which seems like the simplest thing yet no one else seems to have done it like this. Note when I say elastic, I’m referring to an actual elastic band and not a piece that’s been sewn into the cloth like you typically find. Because of this there is no drawstring, so it’s the range of sizes is wider than it might be normally. More manufacturers are increasing the length of their drawstrings which frustrates me to no end, I don’t want to cut these things down just so they don’t hang out the bottom of my sorts.  So an elastic band based waist, while not revolutionary is also super ingenious at the same time.

Next up is the simple design and structure. There is no pocket on the rear of the shorts like so many others now have. Instead, the pocket is on your right hip and sits at an angle. It is large enough to hold an iPhone, but this is annoying during runs as it flaps against your hip. I tend to use it more for edible storage like gus, gummies, bars, etc and that works out really well. I also mentioned overall construction and this is where I feel they really shine. Because of the lack of a traditional drawstring waistband and the very non-complex pocket location and size, the simplicity of the shorts is not lost on me. There just isn’t a lot to break down on the shorts, so they have held up really well.

From an aesthetic perspective, they’ve also done a really good job and the color palette is very seasonal and matches their tops well. I’m all about color coordination which some people hate. They do have the simpler all black and a two tone black and blue available as well if you don’t want to be all match-matchy.

Overall, I just love putting these on before a run because they feel that good. They fit great and they perform really well and I have no major complaints after literally hundreds of miles of use. I look forward to seeing what their fall lineup looks like and I think its clear Zoot has become a valid player in the running apparel market and is not just for triathletes anymore.

The Zoot PCH Running Shorts are $40.00 and can be purchased directly from Zoot via their website.

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