Gear Review: Rudy Project Ergomask Sunglasses

As part of our triathlon feature, we partnered with The Rudy Project to show off some of their latest and greatest within their sunglass line. They have long been known in the tri world for providing the best in eyewear and head protection and to kick it off, I wanted to provide a little more info on their Ergomask sunglasses, one of the latest and greatest in their line.

The Ergomask is a new model for this year and I would say a slight variance from their normal glasses in that its structure and design have been taken in a new direction. The frame of these glasses, which is typically the more standout aspect has been minimized in favor of more lens and thereby providing a larger viewing area for the wearer. At barely 1oz, the frames are ultralight to say the least, almost to the point where you don’t even notice them. The arms of the frame detach easily and the lens is obviously interchangeable to a variety of others depending on lighting conditions. One thing I can’t emphasize enough here is their weight or lack there of. Aside from any small touch points the frames have, you will hardly notice that you’re wearing them.

Rudy Project Ergomask - Front View
Front View of the Ergomask
Rudy Project Ergomask - Inside View
Interior View of the Ergomask

Running and Cycling In Them

Having worn these extensively through training, I can speak to both running and cycling in them and definitely have a favorite. The Ergomask is designed for both activities and is a good triathlete sunglass overall, but ultimately I went with a different model for actual competition. The why is very simple. As I said, the Ergomask is ultra light and when running I found this to be too little weight, almost to the point of fragile. This could be due to a number of reasons of course, the size of my face, the jostling during the run, etc so I would tell you to test them out and draw your own conclusion here. The unit is meant to breakdown quickly and make it easier to swap lenses and this does work really well, the below photo took under 5 seconds.

Rudy Project Ergomask - Breakdown
The Erogmask broken down into components, sub 5 second tear down. Yes, I’m in the photo… hard to take a photo of a mirrored lens without a reflect.

Where I found them to shine is on the rides. For all my training rides, I wore these pretty much one hundred percent of the time simply because they locked in well below my Rudy helmet and the field of vision was increased dramatically from other pairs of glasses I’ve worn. Additionally that light weight and the lack of frame meant a high level of additional airflow which meant next to nothing on the fogging side. Basically, I never knew they were there and because they are so well ventilated I never experienced any loss of vision.

Overall Thoughts

My only complaint about the Ergomask is probably their fragility, but this is almost designed into the product to support its ultralight styling. It also makes it easier to swap components and lenses. If you’re looking for a high-end cycling eyewear, then I would definitely check out the Ergomask from The Rudy Project. You can get them direct from Rudy for $249.99, but I would encourage you to sign up for their newsletter because they routinely do sales with really great discounts.