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Apparel Review: Stance Running Socks

I was a fan of Stance socks the first time I saw them in a boutique store in San Diego a year plus back. Every model featured interesting, but not over the top designs and the construction was top quality. The fact that they are now in the running game with their Fusion Run line had me super excited to say the least and I couldn’t wait to try them out. In addition, we got one of our female testers to try out the women’s line and got her insight as well making this one of our first his and hers.

We’re going to be talking about four different models within the new Stance running line in this review. The Cadence Tab which is a semi low-cut, the Bandit Crew which is a crew length and designed for road and trail and lastly the Uncommon OTC which is really their pseudo compression/over the calf model.

The Cadence Tab (His)

The ankle cut running socks are very much your traditional running stock. They feature a seamless design, reinforced arches through textile density increases and the mix of polyester cotton and spandex. Say have a dedicated left and right layout and unlike many socks where you question why this is needed, these are clearly designed with a reinforced structure in mind.

“Visually, they are awesome. When I first got them out of the bag I was really pumped because the colors were refreshing; not too bright, but also not too subdued. I also like the mix of patterns throughout making it very simple to ensure your healing arts are in its proper position. The socks fit very true to size and I actually enjoyed the fact that they were slightly higher on the ankle than most low-cut making them fall just perfectly above my the color of my shoe. Running in them was great as well. I experienced no hotspots of any sort and actually felt my foot was well supported by the sock. I’m not a big fan of a super thin sock and the struck a really good balance. Definitely a favorite for me.”

Stance - His - Tab

These are $15.00 and can be purchased directly from Stance.

The Bandit Crew (His)

Our male tester also tested the Bandit crew length sock as well and had the following feedback. The fit on these is very similar to the Cadence Tab, but definitely had a bit more cushioning. “I found myself wearing these on cooler days and on trail runs where I wanted a little extra warmth and insulation. I also found myself wearing these when it was a bit wetter out given I had a little more ankle cover. These color options were just as great and I found myself wanting to wear these both to run in and to the office.”

Stance - His - Crew

These are $18.00 and can be purchased directly from Stance.

The Sprint Tab (Hers)

The ankle cut Sprint Tab is very similar to the Men’s Cadence model. Our female tester loved the overall fit of the sock and commented on how well they handled sweat and moisture. The Sprint is a fairly thin sock and she did comment that the thickness of the sock is not for everyone, so definitely something to consider, but she felt like it was a perfect amount. The fit is anatomical to the foot and has a reinforced heel and toe for those extra long days that can be a little tougher on your feet. “I love the overall styling and color options that are available within the entire lineup. They feel an look different from every other sock out there and a little more fun in many ways.”

Stance - Hers - Tab

These are $15.00 and can be purchased directly from Stance.

The Uncommon OTC (Hers)

Our female tester also had a chance to try out the new over the calf models as well. At first, she thought they were compression socks as they are as long as most compression models, but basically they are just longer versions of their ankle models with more leg coverage. “I think they are really fun and the love the style and color options these offer. My only concern is with the length. At 5’2”, the Uncommon is actually too long for me and goes over my knee. I just rolled them over so they felt below, but definitely something to consider. I would wear these on fun runs as they definitely stand out.”

Stance - Hers - OTC

These are $36.00 and can be purchased directly from Stance.

Overall, the stance socks are a great new addition to the performance apparel market and not only do they function well, but they look great today. The looks I would really want people over, so definitely take a chance on these and give them a shot. You won’t be disappointed.