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Shoe Review: Topo Runventure

Once the Topo Runventure came into the office and was handed to me for a run test, I was super excited to throw these on. They are an amazingly light-weight, comfortable and durable shoe that I was ready to put to the test. I particularly liked their styling and color palette – teal blue, black and grey. I had a trip to Europe on the horizon and knew that I would be putting the dual-use of these shoes to the test. Walking miles and running various terrains were on the docket.

Topo Runventure Front

Construction: The Upper

The shoe is constructed of a very lightweight, tough, abrasion resistant mesh. The most unique feature of the craftsmanship is that there are no seams in the fabric. They use a no-sew printing technique that truly maintains the structural integrity of the shoe. Once you slip into it, you can truly feel the difference.

Topo Runventure Male Female
Topo Runventure Female vs Male

Construction: Midsole

The Runventure uses a molded TPU midsole and a 19mm platform which is just the right amount of protection from the terrain. You will feel the ground you’re cruising over with knowing that your feet are truly protected.

Topo Runventure Side View

Construction: Outsole

The traction on the outsold is just right for cruising through castles and trecking in the backcountry. The treads are deep and wide enough that they provide pertly of support without constantly getting your terrain stuck in the sole. The lugs are all also varied in direction across the entire face providing grip against uphill, downhill, and in the mud or hard pack.

Style and Aesthetics

I truly appreciated that there is not one drop of pink on the option that we received to test as I’m just not a huge fan of every women’s shoe being overly pinked. That being said, for those that want some red/pink tones there is a wine and burgundy color mashup as another option. I was able to pair this with jeans and running tights equally and in neither case did it ever feel out of place. I think that this is a very streamline and neutral styled shoe. It also is very lightweight and packs perfectly into the luggage.

Topo Runventure Stacked

Run Test

Trails, cobblestones, pavement, or dirt – this shoe can handle it all. I cruised over and through it all in these shoes and they held up to every excursion. They are not waterproof – but being so breathable, they did dry out quite quick. I love the wide toe box that allowed my feet to move freely and feel that every step I took was very supported. The laces they used are a flat lace, which never comes untied. I truly loved living life in these shoes.

Topo Runventure Toe Off

Overall Conclusion

For anyone looking for a shoe that will take them from trails to the pavement, ample toe room, and clocking on the miles; the Topo Runventure is a great fit. The comfort and styling of the shoe is unique and hard to beat. I would suggest packing them in for your next adventure.

Technical Stats, Pricing & Availability

– Weight: 7.4oz (size 7)
– Drop: 2mm heel/toe
– MSRP: $110.00
– Available: Now