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Shoe Review: Salomon Speedcross Pro

If you are a fan of trail running and haven’t been living in a cave, then you have probably seen some of the just insane videos Salomon has been putting out featuring some of their top runners and their youth team. Feeling a little inspired by this, we got a chance to take one of their highest end trail runners, the Speedcross Pro, out for a spin. We hammered them through dirt, mud, and snow and are here to report back.

Salomon Speedcross Pro Stacked
Salomon Speedcross Pro Hero Shot
Construction: The Upper

The Speedcross Pro is a combination of a varying technologies and innovations from Salomon including their custom stowable Lace Pocket which goes right along with their Quicklace tech. Basically, never lace your shoes again or worry about them being too long. Simply pull them tight, cinch them up, and then stow the laces in the tongue pouch. The upper itself is a combination of an internal Sensifit/Endofit sock like liner coupled with an anti-debris and water resistant exterior.

Salomon Speedcross Pro Laces
Salomon Speedcross Pro Lacing System

Construction: Midsole

The mid is molded EVA and features their patented non marking and weatherproof Contragrip. There is also a Mud Guard around the entire exterior of the mid which protects the shoe from mud and in-climate weather.

Salomon Speedcross Pro Heelcup
Salomon Speedcross Pro Heelcup
Salomon Speedcross Pro Toe
Shot of the upfront toebox on the Salomon Speedcross Pro

Construction: Outsole

The sole itself features premium wet traction Contragrip and visually is one one of the more aggressive we have seen. The bi-directional lugs provide a massive amount of grip across every surface whether it us dirt, mud, or snow.

Salomon Speedcross Pro Sole
Salomon Speedcross Pro Sole

Style and Aesthetics

Aggressive is the first word that comes to mind when someone asks how I would describe the Speedcross Pro. The body style is sleek, well thought out, and fast looking. It does look and run a bit narrow, but the idea around it is really nimbleness. Between the oversized outsole lugs and the focus on the forefoot of the shoe, the best way to describe them is cat-like. In terms of color options, the Speedcross comes in three colors a traditional black, royal blue, and olive green. There is definitely something about the simplicity of the style that speaks to people.

Salomon Speedcross Pro Side
Salomon Speedcross Pro Side

Run Test

These shoes have now been run over a variety of terrains and environments and at very temperatures as well. The one big difference between these and most other shoes I have tried is definitely on the narrowness of the body and toe box. I mentioned the agressive stance of the shoe which is definitely true, but this really just leads to overall increased quickness on the trails. They are most definitely not a relaxing shoe where you just let your mind wander and can roll on along. These things are tight, quick, nimble, and fast. In the snow, these things performed just as well. I ran them with and without Yaktrax and in both cases they held out the cold really well. On hard pack, the lugs gripped really well and led to no slipping whatsoever. In deeper snow, the Speedcross Pro worked perfectly with the Yaktrax and lef to some great little fun runs on snowy trails. In neither case did I find temperature to be an issue.

Overall Conclusion

The Speedcross Pro are an aggressive and super nimble trail shoe. The narrowness will not necessarily be a great fit for everyone, but for those more experienced trail runners who function at a much higher pace they are going to keep you on track in a big way. I would probably pull these out of the closet on lower mileage trail runs (13 miles and under), potentially for races, given the addition a speed and focus you will generate. Also, on sloppier days, these things cling really well to the trails, so also a great option. They are pretty solid looking as well and definitely a head turner.

Technical Stats, Pricing & Availability

  • Weight: 11.6oz (size 9)
  • MSRP: $150.00
  • Surface: Trail
  • Category: Neutral
  • Available: Now