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Shoe Review: Altra Olympus 3.0

Altra continues to iterate on their lineup and it has never been more prevalent than with their recent updates to the Olympus platform with the 3.0. This super cushioned trail shoe which just screams ultra level distances has always been a fan favorite for those who prefer comfort over ground feel. With the 3.0, Altra is going all in and has made a ton of changes and also is doing a better job refining their lineup choices.

Construction: Upper

The redesigned upper on the Altra Olympus 3.0 is made of an abrasion resistant mesh that does a good job improving durability while also still breathing well, better then the 2.5 in fact. It also features their new printed mountain overlaps which actually do some double work from a stability perspective providing a touch of structure. They also maintain the 4 point connector for their gaiter (GaiterTrap), and the insole features 5mm of contour so regardless of the zero drop, you still get a little lift.

Construction: Midsole

The midsole on the Olympus 3.0 has been rethought out and Altra decided to bring their InnerFlex system to the shoe as well. The mid is now composed of two layers, one of EVA and one of their custom A-Bound, along with InnerFlex. They also dropped the stack by 2mm so all of this together means a much more responsive yet cushioned experience.

Construction: Outsole

The outsole on the 3.0 is still made of a super durable rubber along with Vibram® MegaGrip® so you’re almost guaranteed traction. More importantly though, Altra has widened the heel portion and the middle area which all contribute to improve stability.

Style & Aesthetics

The Altra Olympus 3.0 comes in three colors for men and women and more importantly this update brings the model more closely into the Altra family. Also, the color choices are honestly just a lot more modern whereas the 2.5 felt a little dated.

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Run Test

Sometimes you go into a run just wanting to feel comfortable. You look out at the miles of trail ahead and having a performance speed shoe just won’t cut it, so if you’re an Altra fan this means the Superior or even the Lone Peak. This is where the TIMP and the Olympus come in and while we wait for the new TIMP to be released, we have the Olympus 3.0.The shoe is super comfortable and almost practical feeling under foot. It doesn’t feel speedy, but a sub 11oz weight for a 33mm stack height does make them feel lighter than you might expect. The upper breaths well and is decently durable, but the mid really pays off. There is a lot more responsiveness than expected, yet the cushioning is clear. It also does hold the line really well and I’m glad Altra hasn’t messed too much with their outsole.

So that being said, it can feel a little clunky for people, but this is a decision point. A 33mm stack is very high and if you are a really fast runner or you aren’t going for distance, then this might just be overkill for you. Regardless, you’ve got to love a shoe this light and cushioned.Overall


This is just an awesome update to Altra’s Olympus platform. The 2.5 was starting to feel a little clunky and came across as heavy whereas the 3.0 feels like it leans even more towards performance. The updated upper, improved mid, and wider yet lower outsole all work together to really round out the shoe into something special. You aren’t going to set any short mile records in these, but your legs will love you at distance.

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