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Tech Review: Jaybird Tarah Pro Bluetooth Headphones

We always love to test out headphones from Jaybird as they truly produce some of the best running or active bluetooth headphones on the market. In run, they all tend to perform consistently well, but the new Tarah Pros have taken it to a whole new level. They have dialed it up a notch and terms of quality and performance that is hard to match anywhere in the Jaybird line. After many many many runs in these and honestly using them even outside of running, we can safely say these are some of the highest quality bluetooth in-ear headphones you’re going to find right now. These things are made for every runner.

Run Test

First off, can we just say that the simple magnetic tips on the ends of the headphone are a brilliantly simple feature that you’re going to love. The actual wire that runs ear to ear has been updated, but just feels like it’s a higher-quality. Even wire tie on the back feels like it was re-thought out so everything seems to function better overall.As you get into the run, things get even better. The Tarah Pros fit really well in the ear, but it’s one area where you need to spend some time and find the right fit. For me, I do notice that I typically went with the smaller version then I normally do simply because while the larger size fits in my ear better, I definitely can’t hear a lot of what’s happening around me which I don’t love. I like to be aware of what’s going on nearby when I’m in a run and hear street traffic, sounds etc. So I tend to drop it a size so I get little more play a little more exterior noise coming in. On earlier Jaybird models, you could use a the smaller in ear with the larger exterior earpiece to get a better fit, but with the Tarah Pro you’re trapped with a single piece. So I spent some time with it and for me it took a couple runs and I’ve dialed in to the right size.

Sound Quality

For the size of these, the sound quality itself is amazing so no complaints whatsoever there. Getting the device to sync is super simple and I experienced no dropouts whatsoever. They do have their tuning app which honestly we just don’t use a lot of the time, but if you play with actually works really well. It’s a great benefit, but the headphone feels really well right out of the box. If you’re going to use it for more than just running, then you may want to really dial that thing in using the app.

Battery Life

Lastly, reiterating on the battery life and we mentioned it above, but can’t reemphasize enough that the change made to the charging model is so welcome. Using the magnetic attachment verses that pin-out mechanism, such a just a drastic improvement. Also, you’re talking 11 hours or more battery life in many cases and the duration increase between the Tarah and the Tarah Pro is so drastic. It makes you wonder why you’d even consider the Tarah if you wanted to investigate a new pair of headphones.

Overall Conclusion

To sum it up, the Jaybird Tarah Pro is honestly the best headphone Jaybird has ever made and again honestly we have to say probably the best sport headphone available right now. Looking at the target audiences and the battery life, the quality of the updates, and really every little thought put into a really minor things just makes it a clear winner. To close this off, we have to say we can’t be happier with the performance of the neighbor Tarah Pro. It’s good looking, sounds great, and performs beautifully.

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