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Shoe Review: Hoka One One Clifton 6

Every time Hoka launches a new version of the Clifton, they are met with a divisive response. I think in some ways this is a good thing because it means that Clifton as a platform is important to the fans of Hoka. It’s a little disingenuous of the community because inevitably these shoes need to evolve and need to move forward and the Clifton 6 is a prime example of this evolution. It is just enough of a step forward without being too much of a step to the side. It continues to build upon a stable platform that people love while cementing its spot in the Hoka lineup and now the details…

Construction: Upper

The Clifton 6 features a fully redesigned upper using engineered mesh, but with embroidery reinforcement that helps with additional structure and support. It also has a moderately padded collar and a heel pull for easy on and off.

Construction: Midsole

There is almost no change in the Clifton 6 midsole. It still uses Hoka’s full compression EVA with 29mm of cushion and a 5mm drop. It also, of course, features their Metarocker design which helps with foot transition and the roll from heel/mid to the toe, this is probably one of the nicest features of most Hoka shoes.

Construction: Outsole

The outsole is also almost the same as the previous Cliftons. It features high abrasion rubber zones on key contact points for better traction and durability. The remainder is reinforced EVA.

Style & Aesthetics

Hoka has killed it here proving 9 different color options for the Clifton 6 and you know more are on their way. It looks really solid and the colorways are nice and diverse.

Run Test

Thankfully, we had a chance to get our male and female tester both out in the Hoka Clifton 6, so we have some varying perspectives.

His take

I have run in every iteration of the Clifton that has ever come out and just like the rest of the running community, I find the good and the bads in each one. In the end, I am typically happy with the results and the performance of the platform. As it turns out, my experience with the Clifton 6 is no different. The Clifton does tend to gradually get heavier as the years go on which is one of the primary complaints we hear. Keep in mind though Hoka is building more into the shoe and you can feel that right away out of the box. You can actually even see it. The upper is getting thicker and a little more structured with that new embroidery, but the middle remains pretty much identical to what it’s always been. The thing I love about it continues to be that midsole and just the level of cushioning combined with the responsiveness… together that’s just an amazing combination. It’s plush meaning it’s easier on your knees and legs, yet still can really turn it over when you want to. My negatives are the fact it’s getting heavier and the way it is starting to get noticeable during the run which is a bit of a bummer. In terms of use, I can take the Clifton 6 on any run I want and that is always a good thing, so seriously a quick 5k or a marathon or even more. That being said, I have come to rely more on them for distance days. I still get a good amount of speed, but I want that additional structure from the upper as well as that cushion and responsiveness. Hoka now has newer shoes like the Rincon coming out that become a better speed day alternative. The Hoka Carbon X is also a really easy shoe to alternate with as they share a very similar profile.

Her take

I’ve also had the Cliftons for the last three iterations and the 6 has become my go-to shoe. I typically have a lot of problems in the toebox with pinching in certain shoes and given I have very small feet it takes a bit to find something that works really really well for my foot. The Clifton hits all the right spots for me and I can say emphatically that it is my favorite version they have produced so far. It is worth noting that I am a much much slower runner, but I can use these for running or walking or truly anything because they are just such comfortable shoes and that little weight increase means nothing to me.

Overall Conclusion

The Hoka One One Clifton 6 remains one of our favorite shoes for runners across the board. There are those rare shoes that runners of all types and speeds can use effectively and the Clifton 6 hits all those marks. It is supportive and cushioned enough that any enthusiast or recreational runner would be happy with them. At the same time, it is also performance-oriented and lightweight enough to be used in distance racing and even speed training. We love seeing the response from the community when it comes to the Clifton both good and bad as it’s just so much passion. Knowing that we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Technical Stats, Pricing & Availability

  • Weight: 9oz (size 9)
  • Drop: 5mm heel/toe
  • Cushion: 29mm
  • Type: Neutral Cushioned Road
  • MSRP: $130.00
  • Available: Now