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Altra Torin 4.0 Review

The Altra Torin platform Has been one of the staple models in the Altra lineup. It has evolved so much over the last several iterations that it’s almost staggering. With the 3.5, Altra introduced a knit and mesh version of the shoe and as they went into the 4.0 they stuck with the mesh model. They did something else interesting though and that was to introduce a plush and non-plush version of this shoe. In this review, we focus directly on the non-plush version which loses about 2mm of cushion from the prior version.

Construction: Upper

The upper on the Torin 4.0 is a little insane. Material-wise it is full engineered mesh, but this thing has a lot of trimmings. It has a very snug gusseted tongue (too much for some) and a very secure lacing system. Once this shoe gets ratcheted down, it is not going anywhere. It does use that same centralized lacing control that the last Torin and Escalante also have which is a little over the top but it does function well.

Construction: Midsole

The Torin 4.0 uses Altra’s new Quantic™ Midsole which is definitely firmer than some of their others, but it does help with bounce and responsiveness. It is unclear which of their midsole technologies will be the go-forward option, but this is a solid choice. Their EGO midsole still does have our vote though for both performance and comfort.

Construction: Outsole

The outsole uses Altra’s FootPod™ tech which gives you a little more stability and support throughout the frame of the sole. It also features a nice amount of rubberized grip and traction without adding significant weight to the shoe overall.

Style & Aesthetics

The Altra Torin 4.0 comes in 3 colors for men and women and the options are nice and diverse. The shoe is a little odd-looking as a running shoe, but easily recognizable by most runners. This shoe is really a mixed bag visually, some love it and some hate it. It grew on us.

Run Test

Out of the box, it is clear the midsole has gotten firmer so definitely not as springy has the 3.5. This will definitely be better for responsiveness and overall speed, but it might feel a little less cushioned for some. The upper is very similar to the 3.5, but they did lose the big heavily padded collar which is great. It does feel tight across the center portion of the foot and the entry into the shoe itself is a little snug due to the tightness of the gusseted tongue. Others in the office actually almost couldn’t get their foot into the opening, so wider feet should probably beware. Once it is on though, that lockdown is pretty amazing.

Initial runs were awesome, I found I definitely prefer the stiffer midsole to the 3.5 and a little less cushion, but I can see that some people will be disappointed because they were starting to love that additional pillowiness that came from more stack height. I also found I could run these very very fast if I wanted to. Having also run in the Escalante, I do wonder if I like the EGO midsole better than the Quantic cushioning from a feel and performance perspective, but no real complaints on Torin itself here. I do think this will be hit or miss for a lot of people. As I was running longer distances, I started to wonder if more cushioning might not be better. It is a bit firmer, after all, so slow runners would probably appreciate that little extra that the plush has.

Overall Conclusion

To wrap this up, the Altra Torin 4.0 is solid. We love that they got away from the two different uppers that they had with a 3.5 and that they leaned into the mesh design because we preferred that originally. The shoe is responsive and gives you plenty of performance, but if you’re concerned about cushioning over distance then you have the option of adding a few millimeters of cushioning and moving up to the plush version as well. Well done Altra!

Technical Stats, Pricing & Availability

  • Weight: 9.1oz (size 9)
  • Drop: 0mm heel/toe
  • Cushion: 26mm
  • Type: Neutral Cushioned Road
  • MSRP: $120.00
  • Available: Now

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