Review: Saucony Altitude Base Layer Long Sleeve

Are you looking for something to keep you warm when the temperature has really dropped? Well, then look no further than the Saucony Altitude Base Layer Long Sleeve. Seriously, this puppy will keep you warm so do not throw it on unless you are in freezing temps or just like feeling warm and snuggly.

Aesthetically its a base layer so don’t expect much, but the real key comes in the material choices. The shirt is basically a 95% wool mix so its super soft against the skin. No irritation and no issues with it breathing well. It has some level of reflectivity built-in so you are covered a bit for night runs as well.

Functionally it has all your normal running top features like elastic thumb loops and stash pockets. The biggest thing to remember is that it is warm, so fair warning. It really allowed me to get out there when it hit anything in the 30s and lower, so definitely a good layer. Also, works great for other winter sports so dual purpose is a plus.

Available: Buy Now $65.00