Review: Brooks Men’s PureProject 9″ Woven Short

The most striking thing about the Brooks PureProject 9 and 10″ shorts is the fact that they are probably way more stylish than functional. I say this in a good way in all honesty because they actually don’t look like traditional running shorts. I do think they are a much better fit for trail runners and even for extended or extreme hiking.

The shorts come in a black, grey, and a green and they are all really subtle. So abandon the thought of flashy running shorts, this probably look like what you may already be throwing on for your sprint to summer weekend wear. They are a poly/spandex mix and have the traditional seamless liner that have become so common. They are rated between 40 and 65 degrees, but this is a personal thing as I found they were just fine in a bit warmer weather. They do have some reflective components, but its very minimal and no apparent in normal lighting.

The fit is really going to be dependent on personal preference as they are a semi-baggy. So if you are a heavier guy or just have thicker quads, then you may notice a little bit of ride up when used during running. Bottom line, these are really solid looking and you can wear them just as easily hanging out as you could running. Definitely make sure to try them on first if you plan on running in them to make sure you like the fit.

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