Review: Saucony Drylete XPT Pant

If tights just aren’t your thing in the winter and you want something thats a good cross between a pant and a tight, then take a look at the Saucony Drylete XPT Pant. These things are designed for maximum warmth and breathability, but not at the expense of movability and flexibility. So they aren’t big and baggy or really flowy when you run, instead they hold tight allowing for maximum performance.

They look like any pair of running pants and fit-wise I would put them as a baggy tight. A lot of people hate tights given the *ahem* closeness that they provide, so these is a great alternative. They still have all the great features of a normal running pant like zippered ankles and front/rear pockets.

Remember though, Saucony labels them as part of their RUNWARM line, so they are really effective at keeping the heat in. If you are considering these, then its definitely a cool to colder type situation and if you wanted to use them in the snow then you could throw tights under as well. All that being said, these are really comfy and do their job.

Available: Buy Now for $75.00