Review: New Balance Ultra 6 Inch Short

The Ultra 6 inch short is a great warm weather short or for those that like a more traditional mid to short leg running short. We really loved the topo design, it lended itself really well to both road and trail running. The short comes in two colors a black on black and then a grey with neon green trim and both are solid looking. The fabric is also anti-snag which is a big plus for trail runners.

Length-wise, it does split the difference between a short short (3-5″) and the longer more trail/recreational oriented shorts (7-9″). The short has the now familiar built in brief which provided a decent level of “control” for lack of a better term. It also has 3 pockets and the rear is the most roomy, but not enough for a phone. The hip pockets are really great for your holding your fuel, but nothing too bulky.

One silly thing, a lot of people prefer internal drawstrings, so this is a preference call and its really about aesthetics. Functionally, an external string actually makes more sense because the knot isn’t sitting against your skin. Its just a note, but overall these have a really great feel.

Available: Buy Now for $59.99