Headsweats Sublimated Trucker Hat

Clothing Review: Headsweats Trucker Hat

Trucker hats have definitely found their way back into the fashion world and the old school Von Dutch styling is gone only to be replaced by the logo of your local brewery or bike shop and now even performance apparel manufacturers like Headsweats are jumping on board as well. Almost everyone knows Headsweats, they are the go to for most big race swag bags and do everything from visors to headbands to cycling caps and more. Their new Trucker Hat feels like a logical extension to the line and we got our hands on a couple of the new models to give them a spin.

Origins of the Trucker

The “trucker hat” originated as a giveaway hat and it also called “gimme cap”. Feed and farming supply companies would give them away to farmers, truck drivers, and farm workers as promotional tools as they were cheap to produce, functional, and clearly displayed a company logo. The original models were six panels, four in the back were composed of plastic mesh with a one-size fits all enclosure and the two in the front were basically a large piece of foam where the logo could be displayed. Simple to wear, cheap to produce, and effective overall.

How the Headsweats Trucker is Different

Not much has changed with the trucker hat over the years and the Headsweats version is no different. What has changed though is the quality. You still have a plastic mesh back with a plastic snap enclosure and a pony-tail opening. Note the plastic mesh back makes the cap extremely breathable which is why farmers, truckers, etc wanted to wear them originally and why they are good for athletes. The foam front, however, has been replaced by their patented Performance Eventure woven and mesh fabrics which functions much better than we expected to reduce sweat. It also features their Eventure terry sweatband and a black undervisor which is designed to reduce glare.

Running in a Trucker

Wearing the trucker on the run felt odd at first, simply because it feels like a normal hat. After a few miles though, I actually forgot I was even wearing it and at the end of a long run, it definitely wasn’t in the “wring it out” mode, you know when you pull it off and its basically just a wet rag in your hand? In the end though, I actually found this to be a good hat to wear casually. Its comfortable on the head and the sweatband does its job well. I actually hope Headsweats changes the material on the other truckers to be the same as the sublimated. Currently the other solid colors use Cotton Twill instead of the Eventure which I didn’t love for running. I also like having a dark color option for a hat and the sublimated is only in red currently.

Bottom Line

Headsweats Trucker Hats come in a bunch of colors and models and if you like the styling, then definitely give them a look as they perform decently and are only $24.00. If you are going to run in it, then I would recommend the two sublimated versions pictured above over the rest as the material definitely lends itself more to performance.

To close this out, let’s talk a little about Headsweats the company. I mentioned before that they are the go to for most race hats and the odds are you might even have one or two of their products in your closet already. The bottom line is they make some really solid headwear and at the base of them all is a great sweatband. They have a large variety of styles and fits, so if the Trucker isn’t a to your liking, then I would just tell you to check out the site. They definitely seem to have something for everyone.

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